10 April 2014

March hobby challenge

Finally finished with my hobby challenge for march. Two squads of Daemonettes, 10 plus 12, plus a herald of Slaanesh. Around 350 points, so maybe not so bad after all.

I started off airbrushing several layers with my Krome, the first few testing with glaze medium to ensure especially the shadows are visible. Difficult, but learning by doing. After some layers I found out that my job with molding lines had been really sloppy, but not much I could do without making even uglier paint lines on the models. So not very satisfied with my preparations. Note to self there.

I got the idea of a slightly warmer skin tone from the tutorials on the excellent and fast shipping UK store Element Games. I had a lot of questions underway - never sure on what do do - what colors to use. I came down to purple/turqouise, which was quite fun. The hair and tentacles on the old models were also difficult to decide on.

I'm quite satisfied with the end result, but there are always a lot of things that irritate me: Mold lines, dots destroying the smoothness of the skin, too hard metals and so on. Not the potentially fantastic shading from airbrushing that could have been.

I think I must have a couple of days to decide what next - so that I can get around with 650 points for the Øvre Ullern weekender in late april. Sounds like it means the Lord of Change that lies in the bottom of a shoe box...



  1. Bolter drill;)

    Seriously - I just love your colour scheme on these models Linus! The vibrant, still gothic dark purple, the sinister dark yet highlighted dark hear, ant the dark armour as well as defined cloth! Love the “flame tong”! Can’t wait to see them on the table (and do so hope it will be son).

    The cork bases also suit them well. Interesting to se you have used two layers of cork on some of the bases. It ads variety and make some of them stand out more.

    Keep up the good work, and if you are not done with 1000p in time for the April gaming event, remember there is one in May also.


  2. Thanks, appreciate your feedback! We'll see what I manage in two weeks...

  3. "Purple rain,
    purple raaain."

    So much more ethereal and daemonic than the ones I did a few years back. The learning curve on the airbrush can be a bit steep, but I for one feel that the effort here has been worth it.


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