5 April 2014

Escalation part 1

Finally a post from me again and finally some hobby progress.
Since I made up my mind to do another army after necrons I have been back and forth on what to do.
Chaos, nids, eldar..... so when we found out we would do escalation here, I found out this would be the perfect time to do this army thing. So I said I would go with my chaos army only to find out I had no drive and feel for that project. And that big Phantom Titan was staring at me all the time!!! So that gave me no choice, that thing deserves a new army. So Eldar it is! And the plan is to make the new army and while I keep painting the new guys, I can add them to my old eldar and get them faster on the battelfield.
For the first challenge I went with 5 wraithblades and 1 wraithlord. The first months will be a lot off wraiths....
As you can see I only finnished 4 blades, the reasson is that I air brush the first layers, So the last guy is in the next big batch off models to get brushed.

For the next month I will go a bit off the challenge rules, As I try to get 10 gaurdians and 1 wraithkinght done


  1. Very cool looking Saim-hann ghost warriors there, Tom-Erik!
    Good to see some progress on the Escalation challenge, especially since I'm so far behind myself.

  2. Looking really good! Red and white absolutely not the easiest of colors, but this is very nice. Strong models from at really strong codex! Looking forward to seeing the progression!
    Soon finished with my march hobby challenge myself - a little late though...


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