30 March 2014

Ultramarines Makeover part 15 – Drop Pods

I know – it was suppose to be Honour Guard etc, but I ”as I am required to take one for the team” – I had to finish my ”pods” for the upcoming ”Adepticon” event in Chicago:)

This was actually a nightmare. Two of my pods are the old Forge World pods. And back in those days I obviously did not clean them god enough, so when I pulled the masking tape - well, it is not an understatement that they received a ”makeover”.

Anyway, this is how they turned out:



  1. Now that's just blue-tiful..! :D
    Well done, Ørn. Can't wait 'til tomorrow.

  2. Fantastic work, Ørn, highlighting, shading, layers, chevrons - superb!

  3. LOL – Blue tifull! THX guys!

    I could not believe it when I tore of the masking tape – removing paint from all the door edges…. At least I did finish them in time for the Adepticon event, going at it every day and night for several days, frustrated but aided by a large portion of rum and coke, I finished them the evening before the trip started☺


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