14 March 2014

Ultramarines Makeover part 14 – Vanguard Veterans

As stated during my ”makeover series”, I had to take a break, build and paint something new. It was now time to continue the process of giving the whole of my Ultramarines army a makeover.

Next unit to update was my old Vanguard Veteran models. It was quite a project to remove the models from the base, and then cut of and file down the metal ”mounts”. I decided to change some of the weapons, and fix some old mould lines etc. when I was in the process giving the unit a makeover (of course). Also my painting skills have improved some (I hope) since these models where first painted, so it was pretty much a total overhaul of the models, not only weathering and changing the hue of them. And this is how they turned out:

Next article will be the last in this series of my ”makeover” posts; Marneus Calgar, Honour Guard and my favourite Chaplain in Terminator Armour.



  1. Again a really good makeover - you have given new life to a complete army now. You have undoubtedly had a plan and followed it closely. The result is extremely good. Looking forward to mr. Calgar and maybe we can pull off a game in near future - before the Chicago trip (envy face should be put here).

  2. It's been said quite a few times now, how good your Ultramarines look after their makeover.
    ...not that it makes it any less true, though. Quite the opposite.

    Keeping and maintaining a consistent look and feel across an army of... What? ...more than 150 infantry models and close to two dozen vehicles is no small feat. I was hoping your next article would be the next to last one, the final article showcasing your entire force - at parade rest.


  3. Thanks guys for all the positive feedback. It is motivating to receive your thoughts☺

    Although my “makeover posts” does not bring “anything new to the table”, finishing units and posting pictures gives me a sense of purpose and “closure”. Next weekend I will post my last “makeover article”. I still have three drop pods left; I am wondering how to approach them, but I think that will have to be a summer rainy day project (or maybe a Easter project…). This summer I hope to host an Apocalypse game, fielding my entire Ultramarines army. A massive job unpacking and fielding all the models, but a great opportunity to take pictures of the army, and should be great fun.
    Once the last models are finished I am looking forward to new units. One large is already on the “move”. This week I am swamped at work, but next week I hope to have a game or two, say when☺



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