2 February 2014

Ultramarines Stormraven Gunship (and a 50K milestone)

A 50K milestone? Last week this blog passed 50.000 visits! Congrats to our visitors and of course those who post articles and comments!

For more than half a year this kit had been stored away in my forge vault. Finding my Storm Talons less effective then I first imagined, and with its transport capacity, it was time to build, paint and try out this large Space Marines "heavy flyer".

A large and well-designed kit, easy and fun to build. I decided only to small design alterations; using an old Landraider Redeemer weapons side armour plate as a base for magnetising different weapon options for the turret, and adding Forge World death skulls to the side doors to make the model a little "special" (unique).

I of course decided to use the same painting scheme as I used on the two Storm Talons. This is how it turned out:
Twin Linked Multimelta, Missiles and Twin Linked Lascannon
Twin Linked Multimelta, Missiles and Twin Linked Assault Cannon

What next? Well, I recon I need some new Sgt to go with the new Codex.



  1. Looks great, not over the top, not cartoonish, but quite realistic, with fine highlighting and crisp small details and conversions that lifts the model to a high level!

  2. I'd make a joke about fries and cheese, but you'd just make eat those words with a side of crashed heldrakes.

    Besides, the model looks awesome! The new grimdark Ultramarine colour scheme of yours works just as well on vehicles as it does on infantry.

  3. Looks great, and as you know I always like modells with no flamers;)
    Guess I have to speed up finishing my orkz flyer...


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