21 February 2014

Ultramarines Sternguard Veterans

As implied in my comment to Jørn´s response, I decided to “upgrade” one of my Sternguard veterans to a Sgt.  Thx for the constructive input Jørn!

Going through al units I suddenly noticed that I had not given two of my Devastator Sgt reed helmets, so I changed head’s on these guys as well.

Finally I converted two of my old Vanguard veterans to Sternguard Veterans (Bolter to be fitted later on one of them).

I have wanted to field these guys for a long time, but dreaded the previous Finecast models. When the new Codex came out, finally they where made available as a plastic kit.

The set was absolutely awesome! So many options, and so many details. Now – what weapons to give them? I could not decide, so I opted for two units. One 5 man squad with Combi-Melta, and one 5 man Squad with Combi-Plasma. In addition two Veteran Sgt with the special issue Bolters. Why Combi-Weapons? Well, I expect that they will be a priority target; hence I wanted to keep their points value as low as possible. And with their special issue ammunition, they can dish it out with their bolters as well!

I decided to give them the same base colour scheme as my old Vanguard Veterans (they have still not received a makeover), using a lot of white, but adding my new weathering / battle damage look. Hard lining is time consuming and hard work (for me anyway). The remedy was to invest in my first set of Kolinsky 00 brushes. I recommend them!  Enough said, this is how they turned out.
Sternguard Veterans with Combi-Melta
Sternguard Veterans with Combi-Plasma

What next? An old giant needs a makeover:)




  1. Outstanding work as usual,Ørn.I can tell these were fun to work on.
    I'm a little surprised you haven't used any Grav guns,though. Got othe plans for those bits, perhaps?

    Also: Isn't the Veteran Sergeants' helmets supposed to be red with a white stripe?

  2. Thanks Jørn!

    As far as Grav Guns goes, I have been ”struggling” with this question. Since Grav-guns are of little use / no use against typical Dark Eldar, NIDS (ok, mayby monsters...), Guard and Orks, I decided to go with the Combi-Plasma (good against everything... including killing my own models). I could of course use the Special Issue ammunition against these foes, but as you know I like to play WYSIWYG, so this is partly the reason. Bet rest assure, I do have plans for using my Grav-bits!

    Reed helmet with white stripe – you are bank on (as usual). I also struggled with this issue. I have two ore three old Veteran models with bolters. Adding these to my two Sgt enables me to field a 5 unit without any special weapons (saving points). That is why I have not painted reed helmets on the two Sgt. But I do consider adding reed paint to one of them thinking I hardly will field two units of veterans in an ordinary game. In this way I will have one Veteran Sgt to field with the rest of the unit options. Watch out for an update!

  3. Same here, Ørnulv, the models turned out very nice, crisp and delicate details. The helmets and large loin cloths really stand out. Great paint job!

  4. And by the way, I expect to see the gravs in one way or another - Embarrassing that I still haven't seen them in action...

  5. Post updated according to advice from Jørn☺


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