16 February 2014

Ultramarines Sargent’s

When I first started out in 40K I bought the ”Battle of Macragge” starter set. Knowing nothing about the game, I pretty much assembled the models as portrayed on the box. And subsequently, all of my Sgt ended up with Chainswords, Bolt pistols, Banner and without a helmet. During my ”makeover” I did a job on these guys:


However, with the changes in 6th edition, I find my self seldom engaging in close combat. Adapting to this, I wanted Sgt. that pack Bolters ore Combi-weapons. And when the new Codex arrived, the option was there not to use Veteran Sgt, only Sgt. Hence, I decided to build and paint new Sgt. and to make them stand out from my old - now “Veteran Sgt.”.

I bought the new Tactical kit and used bits and left overs from earlier projects. The new set was awesome. Highly detailed and lots of variety (and almost no mould lines). This is how they turned out:

Next – Stern Guard Veterans!




  1. Looking really good in the new colour scheme, as usual. The red helmets really 'pop', and will help draw the eye (and targetters) to the head of each squad.

    Seriously though; this looks cool enough that I'd encourage you to look into adding helmets (in a hand, on the belt, etc) to the Veteran Sergeants you've got - to add that mark of rank there as well.

    1. Thanks for those kind words.

      As far as helmets on my Veteran Sgt. models goes, I think that your suggestion is very constructive, and certainly something I will look into down the production line.

  2. Looks great! My little Lootas told me they are looking forward to blow their new red helmets of;)

    1. Not if I blast them first;) Thank you☺

  3. Thumbs up for the red helmets! Beautiful paint job as always. Really like your detailing, for example the loin cloths :)


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