26 February 2014

Warhound Scout Titan

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Back in 2010 I finished my Warhound Scout Titanore did I…? Her is a link to the original post:

I recon the readers of this blog have noticed that I have spent this autumn and winter giving the whole of my Ultramarines army a makeover. Adding wear and tare (battle fatigue/damage), changing the hue of the models and adding new bases, where amongst the most notable changes. After working on lots of infantry models and tanks I needed a change, hence it was time to address my Warhound Scout Titan.

Although the Titans are not a “member” of a specific chapter, my Titan will certainly be fielded alongside my Ultramarines. So I thought it only fitting to keep the makeover in style with my Ultramarines.

But this project was more than a mere makeover! My original design/posing had a fault; the base chosen was not heavy ore large enough to support the weight of the model because of the "tilt" I had chosen in order to make it look like the Titan was taking a step forward. The whole model became unstable. Also - this was before the era of magnets - risking the upper body falling of....Not good!

One evening I visited Jørn for morale support while I “gently tore" the model of the old base. Puh, only two “toes” broke! Jørn had supplied me with a new base (thx); the problem was the angel the legs where positioned in, limeting my options to make an ok scenic base. After a lot of test fitting with the larger terrain features, I screwed right through the base and into two quite large holes I had drilled beneath the feet. The racin did not crack. It was time to make the scenic base trying to cover the original design faults.
Base after applying my standard concrete/plaster/sand goup mix and sand.

Masking the model before base coting with black spray paint.

A comment to my original post was a question if I should not make the plasma coils stand more out(?) A good idea. Now, how to apply the effect? This is how it looked before the makeover.

The plasma coils after the makeover:

So this is how the model turned out after the base was finished and the model was weathered and given several washes with different MIG products (and lots of varnish):

In order to support the “body section” I drilled a large hole in centre of the top leg section and the upper body, fixing a thick steel rod to the leg section. I also used an industrial magnet (with a centre hole) witch holds 2,5kg. The model is now level and holds steady!

The interior was given a slight upgrade as well. “In the grim darkness of the fare future…”
Close up of the base (hope I managed to get almost the same colour as Jørn has got on his Aquila Lander mounted on he’s Chaos Warhound Scout Titan base…)

What next?

There is a funny little guy with some strange tools and a trolley waiting!


21 February 2014

Ultramarines Sternguard Veterans

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As implied in my comment to Jørn´s response, I decided to “upgrade” one of my Sternguard veterans to a Sgt.  Thx for the constructive input Jørn!

Going through al units I suddenly noticed that I had not given two of my Devastator Sgt reed helmets, so I changed head’s on these guys as well.

Finally I converted two of my old Vanguard veterans to Sternguard Veterans (Bolter to be fitted later on one of them).

I have wanted to field these guys for a long time, but dreaded the previous Finecast models. When the new Codex came out, finally they where made available as a plastic kit.

The set was absolutely awesome! So many options, and so many details. Now – what weapons to give them? I could not decide, so I opted for two units. One 5 man squad with Combi-Melta, and one 5 man Squad with Combi-Plasma. In addition two Veteran Sgt with the special issue Bolters. Why Combi-Weapons? Well, I expect that they will be a priority target; hence I wanted to keep their points value as low as possible. And with their special issue ammunition, they can dish it out with their bolters as well!

I decided to give them the same base colour scheme as my old Vanguard Veterans (they have still not received a makeover), using a lot of white, but adding my new weathering / battle damage look. Hard lining is time consuming and hard work (for me anyway). The remedy was to invest in my first set of Kolinsky 00 brushes. I recommend them!  Enough said, this is how they turned out.
Sternguard Veterans with Combi-Melta
Sternguard Veterans with Combi-Plasma

What next? An old giant needs a makeover:)



16 February 2014

Ultramarines Sargent’s

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When I first started out in 40K I bought the ”Battle of Macragge” starter set. Knowing nothing about the game, I pretty much assembled the models as portrayed on the box. And subsequently, all of my Sgt ended up with Chainswords, Bolt pistols, Banner and without a helmet. During my ”makeover” I did a job on these guys:

However, with the changes in 6th edition, I find my self seldom engaging in close combat. Adapting to this, I wanted Sgt. that pack Bolters ore Combi-weapons. And when the new Codex arrived, the option was there not to use Veteran Sgt, only Sgt. Hence, I decided to build and paint new Sgt. and to make them stand out from my old - now “Veteran Sgt.”.

I bought the new Tactical kit and used bits and left overs from earlier projects. The new set was awesome. Highly detailed and lots of variety (and almost no mould lines). This is how they turned out:

Next – Stern Guard Veterans!



2 February 2014

Ultramarines Stormraven Gunship (and a 50K milestone)

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A 50K milestone? Last week this blog passed 50.000 visits! Congrats to our visitors and of course those who post articles and comments!

For more than half a year this kit had been stored away in my forge vault. Finding my Storm Talons less effective then I first imagined, and with its transport capacity, it was time to build, paint and try out this large Space Marines "heavy flyer".

A large and well-designed kit, easy and fun to build. I decided only to small design alterations; using an old Landraider Redeemer weapons side armour plate as a base for magnetising different weapon options for the turret, and adding Forge World death skulls to the side doors to make the model a little "special" (unique).

I of course decided to use the same painting scheme as I used on the two Storm Talons. This is how it turned out:
Twin Linked Multimelta, Missiles and Twin Linked Lascannon
Twin Linked Multimelta, Missiles and Twin Linked Assault Cannon

What next? Well, I recon I need some new Sgt to go with the new Codex.