20 January 2014

Ultramarines Centurion Devastators

A new year and new projects. The first project this year was to finish my 3 "Devastator Centurions".
I was not very impressed by the first pictures of these models, but they have “grown on me”, and I am now looking forward to fielding them. The only downside with these models, as far as I am concerned, was all the mould lines (felt as I was back in time…). But the details on them are very nice.
Fist out my standard build with Hurricane Bolters, Grav Cannons and Grav Amps:

As you might notice I skipped the “cables”. The reason for this was that different weapons have different cable connection points; so in order to fix alternative weapons I skipped them all together. Using magnets, my second build is Lascannons:

Next project in 2014 will be a model that has been stored away in its box fare to long – a Storm Raven Gunship. 


  1. Ah, yes. I was hoping these'd pop up here today, after you told me they were done on the phone yesterday. (...even if I still was a little too tired after the party on Saturday to hold really up my end of the conversation.)

    Your new darker look really suits these models! I think part of the problem with the official ones is that the standard - clean - colour schemes doesn't fit all that well with the Centurions' increased size and larger armour panels.

    Your darker scheme and the 'Codex quotes' script allows for a increased play of shadows and enough details for the eye not to grow 'bored', like empty armour panels are wont to do.

    Job's a good'un!!! Remember to keep them out of cover! ;)

  2. Very nice painting, miniatures are beautiful to look at and this is paramount.
    Nice work
    Expected the next with the Storm Raven Gunship.

    Good continuations


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