20 January 2014

Ultramarines Centurion Devastators

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A new year and new projects. The first project this year was to finish my 3 "Devastator Centurions".
I was not very impressed by the first pictures of these models, but they have “grown on me”, and I am now looking forward to fielding them. The only downside with these models, as far as I am concerned, was all the mould lines (felt as I was back in time…). But the details on them are very nice.
Fist out my standard build with Hurricane Bolters, Grav Cannons and Grav Amps:

As you might notice I skipped the “cables”. The reason for this was that different weapons have different cable connection points; so in order to fix alternative weapons I skipped them all together. Using magnets, my second build is Lascannons:

Next project in 2014 will be a model that has been stored away in its box fare to long – a Storm Raven Gunship. 

9 January 2014

'Games Played' logging tool

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It's time for another community service here from the northernmost TSB bunker.

One of the more common Hobby New Year's Resolutions I see is to play more games than last year. That's all well and good, but it can be a bit of a hassle to keep track of exactly how many games you've played. Lots of gamers have found their own solutions, be it a piece of paper on a noteboard, a simple text-file, spreadsheet or database.

As our second entry in the Download-section of our blog, I give you my chosen solution. This Excel spreadsheet will let you record up to fifty games, and will generate some simple statistics for you as the year progresses.

Bug reports, wishes for further development, general comments, etc. is welcomed, as always.

6 January 2014

Chaos Warhound Titan - Auctorem Fidei

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It's done... Almost two years since I got it, and close to a year in the making. There's a few more smaller things I might do, but isn't there always?

This is where I usually go on a bit about the whys and the hows, but I believe I've covered most of those in earlier posts. The 'glow'effects on the weapons are obviously airbrushed, but I was so focused on the task at hand when I painted them that I totally forgot to take any WIP pictures. Let's just finish this of with a few pics instead...

Actually... Perhaps I should write a few words about the name I've chosen. As far as I can ascertain, Auctorem Fidei translates to Faith's Pathfinder. Rather fitting for a Scout Titan attached to the Word Bearers Legion, no?

I do wonder what its partner would be called...