12 December 2013

Ultramarines Stalker/Hunter

This model was purchased the same day the new Codex was released, and initially I had planned to use it during a tournament in September. But – I had started a “make over” of my Ultramarines Army, hence it proved to be a to large undertaking to get everything done in time. Articles from the “makeover” can be seen on this blog.

I bought two of these models (Stalker/Hunter), but soon realized that I would very seldom field two of them. Therefore I partially magnetized the model so I can field both versions of the “Anti Flyer Tank”. I guess the remaining will be traded against NIDS models when they arrive. ;)

The Stalker

The Hunter

Next – Stormtalon Gunship



  1. Great paint job as always! My lootas are looking forward to blast them away;)

  2. Anybody want to buy my Heldrakes? ;)

    Seriously though, with this just being the first half of your bid to take air superiority, life is going to get a lot harder for the fliers Trond, Tom-Erik, Linus and I have been fielding for a while now.

    I'm not convinced your other Stalker/Hunter will end up being traded in for a Tyranid box though. "One is none, while two will do" and all that...

    SUperb model, by the way!!!

  3. Very nice paint job indeed, with lots of cool details. It will be interresting to see them in play. I will bring my drake and then some other damonic things as you know. Just have to pick up that brush though...

  4. Your Blog is Awesome, very inspiring. I love how the way you enjoy this hobby

    1. Thank you fore those kind words. Nice to have someone besides our members commenting. For your information, I will post a couple of more articles during December; so if you are into Ultramarines, keep tracking☺



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