9 December 2013

Chaos Warhound Titan - WIP "All is Rust"

After finishing off the interior of the Chaos Warhound, back in October, I restarted my research on paint schemes for Traitor Titan Legions. It quickly became apparent that there's really not that much detailed information to be had on the subject. None of the colour schemes I did find appealed to me. Forge World's red Chaos Titan Legion scheme is just too similar to my Word Bearers, and a several of the other were just too... I don't know... Not what I was looking for.

In the end I went back to Forge World, and their other Chaos Titan scheme. The old faded look seemed appropriate for a war machine several thousand years old, but I also saw an opportunity there to be able to play around with oil washes (again) and pigments and weathering powders. To that end Ørn and I went on a field trip to Small Size Hobbyland in Strømmen (north-east of Oslo) one Saturday morning. They have a pretty large range of both MIG, Vallejo and AK Interactive products, we both came away with healthy amounts of loot.

After assembling the body and head I pulled out the airbrush and gave the model a couple of light coats of Vallejo matt varnish. I then masked off the interior and applied another coat of Chaos Black primer. Satisfied that I now had a base coat that would stand up to handling, I used a large soft brush to drybrush the entire model. First a pretty heavy coating of Citadel's Warplock Bronze and then a lighter coat of Leadbelcher, focussing on surface details like battle damage, Chaos symbols and the edges of the armour plates.

The observant reader will note that these are the same first steps that I use on my Word Bearers. I did toy around with just inking the Warhound, perhaps just using a different colour, but I decided against it because it would be a shame to just take 'more of the same' approach with a model that'll be the centrepiece of my collection for quite some time.

I gathered the AK Interactive washes and weathering powders I had bought in anticipation of my (still) upcoming Traitor Guard project as well as my oil paints and turpentine. Since then I've been playing around and experimenting a lot with mixtures and effects... I've gotten to a point where I think I'm happy with how it looks now. Unfortunately, it's gotten a bit too cold outside to be able to take the titan outside and give it a couple of coatings of varnish. (It's a few degrees below 0°C.) I'll either have to find somewhere relatively close, or... find some other solution I'd better not write about here, in case She-who-comes-first happens to read the blog in secret. (Yeah, right!)

So, there it is. I still hope to have the Warhound finished in time for my birthday party in January, but I'm not comfortable with using masking tape on the model without protecting the paint-job as it stands now.

In the mean time, it turns out I still have lots of unbuilt plastic miniatures lying around...


  1. Two main reflections here Jørn; A well-written report and most important, as I expected, this model is coming along very nice indeed. Great work so far!

    I do take a little pride in ”recommending”, ore at least supporting you in, basing the colours on our Word Bearers army. It provides a ”base colour scheme” that all the other effects complement very well. Can’t wait for us to have our Warhound Titans clash in a battle when we ”return to Calth”☺

    Looking forward to seeing a report when the model is finished.


  2. Good to know someone actually reads my meanderings... :)

    You should absolutely take credit for all your suggestions and feedback during this project - including 'dragging' me along to Small Size.

    We'll definitely have to have ourselves a 'clash of the titans' game next year! I haven't been able to do much writing on the escalation campaign we've been talking about, but do I have a (very) rough outline in mind...

  3. It is difficult to give this enough credit. It is not because you are a dear friend both private and in the gaming universe that I say that it looks awsome. You made it look old, corrupted and sinister. You must have laid down a considerable amount of working hours on that model. I hope to study it with my own eyes - and see on the battlefield, preferably on "our" side of the table ;).

    Sorry for being so late with commenting. Night shift and all that have put all GW things a little behind lately.

    1. Work and family has to come first, and sometimes there just isn't any time left over for Fun and Games. We all understand that.

      It's true I've spent more than a a few' hours on the titan so far, and there'll be another 'few' ours more before it's done.

      Then... Then we'll see about collecting all(!) the forces of Chaos at our disposal, and go defile an ancient Imperial shrine. It shouldn't be defended by much more than a token garrison force of Imperial Guard. >:)


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