31 December 2013

Another year in the books...

Very nearly so, anyway. During the week between Christmas and New Year's eve I usually try to find a little time in-between all the parties and dinners. Time to have a look at the waning year, and a few of the events from it.

Field trips... We didn't manage quite as many as last year but by now we have made pretty much all the necessary arrangements for Adepticon 2014. We also managed a record attendance at Invasion. Five of us made the trip down to play through the five games of the tournament. We all want to go back again next year, RL permitting of course. We're also hoping to increase our numbers to six for next year's.

Ørn also arranged for a set of clothes with the Team StormBolter logo and our names on them. We didn't get them in time for the Nottingham trip, but we did get to go to Kristiansand with our 'colours' on.

...and while we're on the subject of Ørn. I'll never quite understand what it is that possessed him to re-do his entire Ultramarine army - again. That aside though... The end result is fantastic. As he says himself. 'They finally look like they've managed to get off of the parade ground and into the field.' Before he even started on that project, he built and painted no less than three gorgeous new gaming tables and not a few pieces of terrain to go on them as well.

The rest of us haven't been entirely idle either. The monthly hobby challenges we ran for a few months saw the rise of new Aspiring Champions for my CSM squads, a pair of Hell Blade fighters, two old metal Chaos Spawn, a small squad of Noise Marines, a Forge Fiend, a Great Unclean one and a squad each of Plague Bearers and Nurglings, a pair of Heldrakes and I finished my Chaos Warhound Titan a couple of days ago too. (It'll be featured in my first article next year!)

Linus produced a fantastic looking squad of Chosen and a matching Helbr Chaos Dreadnought, an imposing Heldrake and there are rumours of lots of new Daemon models having been built. Hopefully we'll be seeing those on the table in 2014.

The newest member of our group; Tom-Erik completed two Triarch Stalkers, Immortals, Deathmarks and a handful of nice terrain pieces too before getting lured by the new Heresy line of Death Guard models from Forge World.

A new Autarch did show up early this year, didn't it, but Trond's been putting most of his building/painting efforts into the Revenant Titan he bought in Nottingham. I'm not quite sure if he's been able to finish it or not...

- + - + -

So... Last year's resolutions...

Linus resolved...
...to finish painting (all) the chaos models he had unpainted/unassembled, from the Baneblade to the Heldrake, the Forgefiend and a couple of Forge World items.
...to have a good learning curve on airbrush painting.
...to contribute more on the Team StormBolter blog.
...to see you TS friends much more, maybe in a year I manage around 10 games and a tournament. I will be pleased with that.

Ørnulv resolved...
...to finish 2 new themed gaming tables with updated and new terrain.
...to decide if Tau or IG will be his next army project.
...to host 2 "Hunker in the Bunker".
...to attend at least one tournament.
...to play at least 25 40K games.

Jørn resolved...
...to finish the Basilica de Veteris.
...to finish another 1500 point of Traitor Guard, to bring them to at least 2000 points.
...to play 40 games of 40K.
...to finish the Chaos Warhound Titan, and play at least one game of Apocalypse with it.

Trond resolved...
...to perhaps start a New army?
...to play at least 40 games, not including tournaments.
...to build his new Titan.
...to make some Eldar terrain.
...to attend Invasion, and also perhaps Strategikon.

Some goals easier to measure than others there, guys. Let's hear how you feel you've done, if I've missed anything above and what you've got planned for next year. (Even if you didn't pledge anything for this year.)


  1. Well, after being a little optimistic a year ago, I hope to manage the following in 2014.
    ... to play 12 games.
    ... Attend all TS events.
    ... Attend Invasion.
    ... Pick up the brush several times each month (It's been more than 6 months now...)
    ... Have a decent sized (1000-1500 pts) and painted Chaos Daemons army finished by summer.

  2. Looking over my 2013-resolutions, It's not too impressive.

    The Basilica project is collecting dust, and the Traitor Guard hasn't moved either. I did manage 41 games last year though, including a couple of Kill Team ones just two day ago, and I finished the Chaos Warhound Titan the day before my birthday. Haven't played any Apocalypse, though.

    No point in pledging if the goals are too easy to reach, though. So, for 2014 I pledge...
    ...to play yet another 40 games of 40K.
    ...to try every variety of 40K, from Kill Team to Apocalypse.
    ...to build and paint that Traitor Guard army.
    (I'll match Linus' Daemons - point for point.)

  3. So first year in Team Storm Bolter has come and gone. I was off to a good start with the necron army, then the Hersy happend and I was off to 1000 different projects in my head, and not to much on the table..
    So off to a new hot start now..

    I pledge for 2014:

    ... To play 20 games
    ... Attend all events by TS
    ... Done at least 4 more different units for my Necron army
    ... Get 1.500 points for my new army... pictures will come when i reach 750 points :-9
    ... Get more terrain done for the table
    ... Have fun with TS and learn the names off all German Tank comanders in WW2!

  4. As far as 2013 goes, I made a record in my previous post “Ultramarines Storm Talon Conversion” (can be seen below this post).

    Defining a goal: “The purpose toward which an endeavour is directed; an objective.” It should be specific enough to measure against, be possible to reach with the recourses available and most important – should inspire! I have spent way too much time on the hobby the last two years. With this in mind I decide to divide my goals into primary and secondary goals. So, what are my 40K goals for 2014?

    1) Ultramarines; Finish new Tactical Sergeants, A Centurion Squad, A Stormraven Gunship and two Veteran Squads.
    2) NIDS; Update the army according to the new Codex.
    3) Play 25 games of 40K
    4) Attend one tournament
    5) Host 2-3 gaming events (sometimes refered to as TSB events)
    a) Build and paint 2 super heavy (Titan) units to my NIDS army
    b) Rebase my Warhound Scout Titan
    c) Design my Imperial Guard list.



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