4 November 2013

Ultramarines Makeover part 9 – Rhinos and Razorbacks

A 10-model makeover!

Never thought I’d get them done - this took a long time...

First a picture how they looked before the “makeover”:

After the makeover:

So, what did I do?
  • Over painting the old black/silver shipping (blue, brown-red, dark steel)
  • Repainting vision slits
  • Drilling exhaust pipes, using MIG rust pigments and sot wash
  • Using Tamya mud effect, painting (Dark Brown), dry brushing (Desert Yellow and Pale Sand) and washing with Burnt Umber (thinned in PVA water)
  • Drilling (and cutting) bullet holes (marks), painting (Black, Brown-Red, and Dark Steel)
  • Using MIG Enamel Streaking Grime for Panzer Grey
  • Using MIG Brown Blue Enamel Wash for Panzer Grey
  • Using van Gogh oil colour Lamp Black on all silver/steel eras (and in joints)
  • Hand varnishing the models (except the mud/sand – sprayed), both with Satin Varnish
... and a lot of thinner....

And her is the result, all 8 Rhinos:

And this is how the Razorbacks turned out:
All 6 of them:

Next – Predators!



  1. Looks good👍 I like the mud/sand you have added.

    1. Thx Inger Helene☺

      I hope that I have enough “paste” to finish the rest of my tanks…. Applying the paste was actually a bit tricky. It is very easy to apply “way to much” – I am struggling to find the balance (and yes, I have looked on desert photos from North Africa from WWII, so I do find them OK in theme with my “Calth Gaming Tables….) – so far ;)

  2. Impressive progress, as always, and the same high quality as before.

    There's still a few vehicles to go, though, isn't it? Predators, Vindicators, Land Raiders and the Land Speeders by my reckoning.

    1. Thank you Jørn; more tanks to go – oh yes! As stated, the Predators are next.

  3. What I like most is the wholeness of them. You have gone from a kind of "if you don't do what papa says you will be grounded", to "we don't trust anyone, and certainly not you" finishing off the discussion with a big BANG. They are evil!

    1. Feedback I have hoped to get Linus☺

      As stated when I started my “Ultramarines makeover series” my goal was to change the army into having a more sinister and grim-dark feel to it.

      I am looking forward to reading the new book portraying “Roboute Guilliman”, as the comments given I WD suggest the Ultramarines are not as “pure” as one might think – witch suits med just fine☺

  4. You have indeed made your marines a lot more sinister.
    The makeover series has been amazing to follow. The end result is stunning. It looks like battle hardend vetrans now.


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