23 October 2013

Ultramarines Makeover part 7 – Terminators

A 30-model makeover!

This is the last "large batch" of infantry models for a while (and it feels so good…).

I still have to give "Calgar and his honour guard” and 12 Vanguard Veterans (all old style – metal models) a makeover, but in order to finish the units I will use during day to day gaming - it is time to move on.

I have decided to finish the rest of the army before I treat myself to finish new units (a kind of self-motivation bump going on here). My goal is to finish “everything” by the end of November.

During a recent trip to GW in Berlin I noticed how striking “power weapons” could turn out on Terminators, so I decided to try it out. Ok, first out - 15 Assault Terminators:

Next, my 15 "good old" standard Terminators:

Next update - Dreadnoughts.




  1. Thirty terminators... I see I still have some catching up to do.

    Still loving the darker, battle-damaged look too, but the real candy this time has to be how your Power Weapons 'pop' with the new blue-to-white gradient you've used on them.

    Have you thought about giving the Power Fists' fingers the same kind of treatment as the Thunder Hammers? (Just kidding!!!)


    1. Actually, I did think about how it could be done, and I had a few ideas (energy emerging from the joints). But for now (wanting to get finished) I think they looked OK in their current version, so that will have to be done during a “revisit”….

      Although I did not shop anything in Berlin (sad about that…), I at least got inspiration to do this ☺

  2. Those Thunder Hammers look awsome! Very nice job and respect to the less is more mantra. Like the claws too. Maybe some crimson fists? ;)

    1. Thanks mate!

      Thunder hammers; I first tried out “lining” the “outline” in gradients, but the lines proved to “thin” for a transition to look good (my skills anyway). That is when I came up with the idea to make that transition towards “the corners”, keeping the metal blach/dark (less is more as you point out). Simple and not much work. Unconsciously I am pretty sure I have seen this design before, but that does not really matter. Starting to love Hawk Turquoise.

      Lightning claws; this was actually a longer process and no less than two times I watered down the paint to much so that one layer “loosened the previous”. But as Les says – “use a blow dryer and just take the weird looks that they give you….”

  3. Looks very good!!
    And happy birthday:)

    1. Happy birthday to you to Inger Helene☺

      Thank you for your positive feedback. Looking forward to our next hobby session.


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