13 October 2013

Ultramarines Makeover part 6 – Scouts

A 10-model makeover!

I needed a “break” from large batches of models (required by an army wide makeover), so I decided to finish my two (small) units of “Scouts”.

Actually, from a gaming point of view, the Scouts are pretty good. Personally, I have never used them much, but now - as an outflank unit, ore Object holder in once own deployment area (especially with “Bolster defence” and Cameo clocks and Sniper Rifles”), I definitely consider them as units for me to explore alongside 3 “Thunder Fire Canons”. Enough about that, I did not only "rebase and repainted the armour of these guys", the “white” areas was repainting (using desert-white colours), and I also repainted the Cameo Cloaks in order to theme them in with my new desert (Kalth) scheme. This is how they turned out:

Next- terminators!



  1. Nice contrast between the light pants and the 'new' blue!
    Makes the models 'pop'.
    (Good thing too, as we can't afford to forget about them and let them hide out on an objective all game.)

  2. Love the new ultra dudes. After seeing the bases in "real" life I am really tempted to do something like this myself! I also have a softspot for the battle damage and dirty look, so I like the new marines alot. Are you doing some honour markings on them?

  3. I agree, they are really nice and the bases using cork is something I am doing myself right now. Thumbs up, Ørn!


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