16 October 2013

Chaos Warhound Titan - Interior

Last time I wrote about my Chaos Warhound Titan was back in February this year, after my last birthday party, a year after the birthday party when rest of TSB had got it for me. The project stalled after that update, partly because of the close to one hundred separate resin pieces that went into the construction of the legs.

A couple of weeks ago though, as I was preparing for a planned 40K-hobby-marathon session at my place, I dug the titan back out of it's box and started priming it. When Ørn arrived on Saturday morning I was ready to start painting the interior details.

Quite a lot was accomplished over the next twelve hours, and I've gotten even more done over the two weeks since.

It quickly became apparent that I would have to paint first and assemble later for there to be a point in even attempting to do the interior details justice. The narrative that can be found in these parts of the Warhound are amazing. I started with a base coat of Army Painter's Skeleton Bone spray primer, and followed that with lots of thinned down coats of the various base colours. A few coats of black, ochre and green oil washes went into the crisp details as well.

Final assembly went pretty smoothly too. I've read a few accounts of people struggling with large gaps and warped parts, so I made sure to test and retest assembly from the first time I washed the components and throughout the entire process. Still... I managed to break off a bit of resin in a moment of inattention, but I don't think anyone will be able to spot it now that it's finished.

And there we are! Only the exterior left to do.
I still haven't quite decided on which Titan Legion to represent, though, so I need to do a little more research into that...


  1. Besides building the monstrosity there are especially two things I would like to credit and comment on:

    …”hundred separate resin pieces that went into the construction of the legs…”, been there – done that, several years ago! I can still recall that it was time consuming, but very satisfying, when one manages a ”good pose” – and that is exactly what you have done Jørn☺

    I really like the paintjob of the interior. Especially the ”rust” and ”greenish fungus – rotten – slimy – dissolving look” that the greenish colours ads to the model.

    It will be interesting to se more progress pictures.

    Cheers young man,

  2. That is an insane level of wonderful 40K details! It looks absolutely awesome! Very good paint job, I understand how it must have taken hours and hours...


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