26 September 2013

Ultramarines makeover part 2 – Tactical Marines

A 90-model makeover!

Why 90 models? All of the 2. Companies 6 Tactical Squads (with different special and heavy weapon - before Grav guns).

Why makeover? Because they where painted “way back” in a traditional painting scheme, blue (with high light) and inked gold trims (the shiny boys in blue). Having read a lot of the Black Library books over the last years, and heavily influenced by the 1:35 WW2 model scale arena, I decided that my “boys in blue” was way "to clean and proper” (after thinking about it - I am not convinced these guys are all about beeing the good guys…) I wanted them more “gloomy and battle hardened”.


So, what have I done?

1)    I high lighted lenses with Vallejo “orange”
2)    The legs where re-painted and highlighted due to damage when removing models from the original bases (using Vallejo “Ultramarines Blue” and GW “Ice Blue”
3)    Battle damage was “drilled” and “cut” into the armour
4)    Shipping areas and bullet holes was painted with Vallejo "German brown-black camo”
5)    Bullet holed and chipped areas were painted with watered down GW "Chainmail" mixed with GW “Chaos black” and Vallejo “German Cam. black/brown paint”
6)    Scripts where added on the shoulder pads using Vallejo “Dead White”
7)    Metal and chipped parts, and grenades, where given a thinned down oil based black wash (Van Gogh oil “Black Lamp” mixed with “Rectified thinner”)
8)    The armour was washed with MIG dark grey/brown tank wash - "German early" (all white areas where then cleaned with “Rectified Turpentine” thinner)
9)    Models where pined to the new bases(separate post)
10) The model was “hand varnished” with diluted Valelejo "Satin Varnish" 

This is how they turned out:
The "old" colour and base

The new colour and new base

The "Original" Tactical Squd
Tactical Squad after "make-over"

Next – Assault marines




  1. very nice indeed. A lot of hours gone by!!!!!! job`s a good`n

  2. next year's Invasion entry? ;)

  3. Love the before/after photos of the sergeant!
    Great transition from parade ground to battle-worn look.


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