24 September 2013

Ultramarines makeover part 1 – new cork debris / desert bases

For a long time I have wanted to change the appearance of my Ultramarines army. First step was to prepare new bases, swapping them with the original “grassy” looking bases that became popular with the LOTR models several years ago.

After extensive research, I decided to go with cork debris /desert bases that matches my gaming boards.

I glue cork and sand to base using PVA glue.

I prime base with black spray. I mix dark brown, dark red and black with watered down PVA glue, and cover the whole of the base.

I over brush base with dark earth and stone grey.

I dry brush with desert yellow and pale sand. I wash the base with burnt umber, and then dry brush the edges with pale sand.

Over 200 bases are now finished (all sizes). Currently I am working on removing the models from the bases…

I will post pictures when Tactical marines are done.



  1. Very good and informative post! I see where you got your inspiration from - I have thought about corking the bases of my new army for some months now myself ;)

    Looking forward to seeing the models mounted on them!



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