2 September 2013

List building - wtf?

I need help, or just a little advice on a list for Invasion.
I’m rusty and I need a really quick fix. Nurgle is still my main theme, but with a little effort I think I can manage to blend in a little Daemons contingent. What are your thoughts on this? What armies will it suffer the most against, what armies will it stand a good chance against? You may mention the bad dice throwing general 😉 
No termies, no triple las predator, no daemon princes, no high strength CC weapons. What is this list's main weakness in a turnament, a turnament I just want to play and have fun and honestly not care about the results...
Typhus - 230
Plague Zombies (incl. Champion) x 10 - 50
Plague Zombies (incl. Champion) x 10 - 50
Plague Marines (2xmeltagun, Rhino, incl. champion) x 5 - 175
Plague Marines (2xmeltagun, Rhino, incl. champion) x 5 - 175
Plague Marines (2xflamers, Rhino w/combiflamer, incl. champion) x 5 - 175
Heldrake (baleflamer) - 170
Vindicator (combibolter, siege Shield) - 135
Havocs (4xMissile launchers, 2x Flakk missiles, mark of nurgle, Champion) x 6 - 186
Aegis Defence Line (Quad gun) - 100
Herald of nurgle - 45
Plaguebearers (incl. plagueridden) x 10 - 95
Flesh Hounds x 10 - 160
Total: 1746


  1. Got a little of that good old pre tournament analysis paralysis? I know the feeling. ;)
    With the meta in 40K 6th being as fluid it is, designing a true Allcomers list seems a lot like the punishment of Prometheus... There are nowhere near as many hard and fast rules to army building as there used to be.

    Typhus costs a bus, but unlocks cheap and durable objective holders. It seems a little wasted only taking two minimum size squads.
    MSU Plague Marines are not as durable as they used to be, and neither is the Rhino. It does depend a lot on how you play them, but I seem to need larger units to be able to keep them around to do something during the game.
    Heldrakes and Vindicators are solid units, but I'd try to include at least two of the latter. A single threat is just a clear target.

    I'd try removing the Havocs, add another Vindicator and bulk out a few of your Troop units. Then I'd [be]get a couple of games in[/b], and re evaluate.

    Then again: Someone with a more structured approach to army building may have other advice...

  2. I agree on most of your points. Problem is: Too few zombies, too few HQ alternatives. I will give this a thought though. Larger units and double vindicator goodness may be the way to go.

  3. ...and Obliterators with Mark of Nurgle are nothing to sneezeat either, even at almost the cost of Typhus for three.

  4. 2 daemonprinces (if they only could be guaranteed that eternal warrior and T6), 3 vindicators, 2 heldrakes and lots of troops could be interesting. Lots of targets, but probably not very competitive.

    When it comes to obliterators I know how good they are, but then again - too much work and too little time...

  5. You already have half a dozen Obliterators, don't you?

    As for being able to pick and choose Biomancy powers... Imagine Ørn's two Flying Hive Tyrants, the two Tervigons (who could quickly become three, if he put his mind to it) and attendant Termagants,. Add to that his Trygons, and sprinkle with Zoanthropes, Hive Guard and assorted griblies.

  6. well, maybe I have some dusty Iron Warriors goodness...
    What about this as a starting point - not much work to do either - just have to shave off 115 points. Shuld I just throw that damon prince into the thrash bin?:

    Daemon Prince, MoT, ML3, Spell familiar - 310
    Lord, MoN, Sigil, Black Mace - 165
    2x10 Plague Marines w/rhino
    9 CSM MoN w/Rhino
    2x2 Obliterators - 280
    Predator laslas - 145

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