10 July 2013

Word Bearers Forge Fiend - Jørn's (very belated) May Hobby Challenge (Architecture of Aggression XXXV)

I can't believe I've managed to neglect writing this for almost a month now... Bad, baaad hobbyist!


Of the new kits that came out with the6th ed. Codex: Chaos Space Marines, the Forge Fiend kit was easily my favourite. Here, the meld of daemonic beast and engine of destruction works. The design of the model is far better aligned with the design philosophy going from the Defiler through the Soul Grinder than the Hell Drake is. Too bad the latter is the better of the two new models, gameplay wise...

The armoured parts have received the usual two layers of drybrushed metallics, followed by Red Ink. The fleshy parts was basecoated with Vallejo Air Light Brown, drybrushed with Bleached Bone, inked with Purple Ink and drybrushed with Bleached Bone again to tone the purple down a little.

Finally, I added black and Yellow Ochre oil washes (using W&N Artits' Oil Colour) to add rust-effects and weathering, pick out recessed details and define edges.


  1. Really good paint job, here. It looks mean and not too dark colours. A little difficult to spot all the details from where I am sitting in the sunshine with my iPad in my lap, but the highlighting is crisp and nice and the red really striking. Love your Forgefiend. He is welcome on the opposite side of the battlefield anytime!

    This reminds me of my own forge/maulerfiend model, lying in pieces ready for painting and assembling. :)

  2. Awsome! You bring our game and gaming club to a higher level! See you there in august/september I hope :)

  3. Originally meant for Ø's terrain post, but could just as well be describing your extremely nice, unique and huge word bearers army!


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