6 June 2013

Summer challenge

So the new Eldar is out, and Apocalypse is out next month.
Time to brush off the eldars and start this Titan madness!
I have now buildt up a lot of Eldars, and starting to build the corsairs now.
After my recent airbrush course I realy would like to try and paint yellow, hellow Iyanden ghosts! I am not happy with my blue on the Titan, so I will repaint those legs.

For this summer, June and July my goal is to finnish 20 guardians, 20 corsairs, 1 Hornet and the new Eldar flyer. And repaint my Titan legs!

This army is going to be pure background based, so no power gaming, not even sure it will ever win a game :-)
This craftworld is on the brink off destruction, and the army is going to look like it would when their world is attacked by stupid humans. A lot of guardiens, some aspects, and all their dead guys! Oh, and some Titans to save the day.
The plan is to have the Sky Raiders Corsair war band as a allied army, typical some flyers, walkers, warriors, and looks like they have a lynx???

I hope to have some progress pictures in a weeks time. Need some feedback on the first models when I have them ready!

So good luck to me, and I hope for a rainy summer :-)


  1. I can’t really hope for a rainy summer, as I hope to spend at least a couple of days out in the sea;) But I wish you god luck with your “pledge” for June and July!

    And what a pledge it is; A truly background based army, very cool indeed! With combination of the Eldar “treats”, I am sure it will perform on the battlefield as well as bringing you lots of you while constructing and painting.

    Looking forward to some progress posts during this, and next, month. I am considering making a 40K pledge myself (in a separate post).


  2. Rainy summer? Deny the Witch!!!

    That's an ambitious summer project, to be sure... Here's to you making it - in spite of a warm and sunny summer.



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