8 June 2013

Pre summer gaming summary and hobby challenge June

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Again it has been a while since I have
played regularly, and by that I mean almost weekly gaming. However, after finishing my
Warriors of Chaos Army some time ago, I have been able to “get in” several 40K
games (and Fantasy games), so I guess I am “back in the saddle again”. Of course
focusing on 40K in this blogg, I decided to present another “quick summary” of
my recent games.

2000p Grey Knights with Imperial Guard
(Espen) vs Ultramarines

A very pleasant evening indeed! However, as
I soon discovered, my “Razorback/Vindicator list" is not the only army with decent
armour save / armour value and high output! We played two games.

Purge The Alien/Vanguard Strike. In game
one I was forced to split my units behind buildings in order to get cover first
two turns, meaning that my opponent could “castle” in one corner getting the
maximum out of each possible “fire lane” the city streets provided. I kept many
units in reserve, but when my Vindicators arrived and failed to inflict decent
damage, my army was picked apart. My opponent won a solid victory.

Crusade/Hammer and Anvil. In game two we
played on my desert gaming board. A more open battlefield, and it was time for the
Ultramarines to have their revenge…. – NOT. Again my Vindicators struggled to
get within range before they where shot to peaces by my opponents heavy tanks.
And even though I managed to hit a lot it does not really matter when that
second dice roll end up with 1-2… By all means, kudos to my opponent, his army
was “rock hard” and he played it well. My opponent again won a solid victory!

Next time Espen, next time :)

2000p Chaos Space marines (Jørn) vs Tyranids

During my last tournament I played a game against a Tyranid player who fielded a horde of Genestealers. It has been a while since I played this army so I decided to give them a go.

Crusade/Hammer and Anvil. It was all in – or nothing. The most memorable moment was Jørns face when he faced 60 Genestealers infiltrating as close as possible to his gun line:) At first the Tyranids made good progress, rapidly advancing on the Chaos line. But of course, the Chaos army “backed” a litle bit, showing of an impressive disciplined bolter drill action, weathering down the advancing units. The Nids eventually reached the Chaos battle line. But striking last due to assaulting through difficult terrain, the units that did get in to combat was over powered and killed. Victory to Chaos Space marines.

Note: A fun game, but I curse the f… that deprived the Nids of their old “Flesh Hooks” (assault grenades) in the new Codex Tyranids. What is the point of having an army that is "all about assault" if they are not good at it (rant/despair/and so forth…)?

2000p Necrons (Tom-Erik) vs Ultramarines

It was time to bring forth an old army list, a list I have not played since 5th edition. Big Guns Never Tire/Vanguard Strike.

I must admit that I find Tom-Erik’s Necron list very fun to play against. With two flyers, two Stalkers, Two Barges and several “tar pit units”, it has become a hard nut to crack (for me anyway). First turn my “gun line” failed to do significant damage, and the Necrons advanced taking out over half of my tanks by the end of turn two (damn death ray, and mee not beeing more carefull)! But finally the Ultramarines remaining gun line elements rolled a decent average, laying waste to almost all but a Stalker that had advanced. The Ultramarines suddenly threatened the Necron main line and their objectives, the Necron now having to switch focus to a more defensive strategy. The game ended after turn 5, and the tally showed a victory for the Ultramarines. 

Comment: This was a game where I managed to kill 4 of my own Plasma Marines....

2000p Dark Eldar (André) vs Ultramarines

Again another “city fight”. Crusade/Vanguard Strike. The Dark Eldar massed in centre of their deployment zone, but seeing the Ultramarines castling in and around the “Shrine of Aquila”, they made a tactical retreat. Taking cover out of range from the Ultramarines, the Dark Eldar was a bit surprised when the Ultramarines reserves entered the game straight into the Dark Eldar battle line. Of course the “Ultramarines spearhead” assault was destroyed, but the spearhead managed to kill/destroy a decent tally of Dark Eldar before they where shot to pieces. And by the time the Dark Eldar had re arranged their battle line, the remaining Ultramarines had gotten a good footing on three of the five objectives, threatening a fourth objective. The Dark Eldar where forced to focus on securing the two remaining objectives, managing to kill of the smaller advancing units from the Ultramarines trying to contest the fourth. The game ended after turn 5, and the tally showed a victory for the Ultramarines.

Comment: Never ever have I managed to kill of so many of my own models due to 1 – 2 rolls on armour saves, in example: two times I rolled four 1 in a row! Got to get me some new dice....


What’s next? I pledge to finish my
Stormtalon Gunship by the end of June.



6 June 2013

Summer challenge

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So the new Eldar is out, and Apocalypse is out next month.
Time to brush off the eldars and start this Titan madness!
I have now buildt up a lot of Eldars, and starting to build the corsairs now.
After my recent airbrush course I realy would like to try and paint yellow, hellow Iyanden ghosts! I am not happy with my blue on the Titan, so I will repaint those legs.

For this summer, June and July my goal is to finnish 20 guardians, 20 corsairs, 1 Hornet and the new Eldar flyer. And repaint my Titan legs!

This army is going to be pure background based, so no power gaming, not even sure it will ever win a game :-)
This craftworld is on the brink off destruction, and the army is going to look like it would when their world is attacked by stupid humans. A lot of guardiens, some aspects, and all their dead guys! Oh, and some Titans to save the day.
The plan is to have the Sky Raiders Corsair war band as a allied army, typical some flyers, walkers, warriors, and looks like they have a lynx???

I hope to have some progress pictures in a weeks time. Need some feedback on the first models when I have them ready!

So good luck to me, and I hope for a rainy summer :-)