29 April 2013

Tom-Erik`s April Hobby Challenge

This month I chose to get some new units done for the "hunker in the bunker" gaming event, the plan was to get a Monolith or Doomsday Ark for my 2000 point list, but I ended up with going for a second Stalker. I feel like i can get more from these spider things that can move around the table and stil get their deadly shoots off. Had some mixed experience with them so far, but they sure take a lot off heat from every one that has faced them, and the heavy gauss cannon give me some needed longe range fire power.

The second unite I have finished is the Deathmarks, and I love these robots! I all games when they have deep striked the right way, and not into close combat with a Defiler or 45 orks they have been great!
So need some more off these!
Their hit on 3+ and wound on 2+ against a marked unit is a killer, and they have rending...

That`s it for April, in May I think it might be a Necron break, and time to digg out some pointy ears stuff called the Void Dragons...

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  1. No wonder we tend to target those Stalkers, with the potential output they have at range... ;) The Deathmarks, on the other hand, are a little more difficult to handle proactively.

    You've achieved at pretty good balance between the metallic 'base colour' and the red and green details on both units. The models have enough details that 'pop' while still being manageable to paint in reasonable amount of time.


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