2 April 2013

March Hobby challenges

Finally some time to write about this months hobby challenge, 2 days late.
It has been a very busy March with work and familly, but i manged to get some hobby stuff done!

First, I have almost finished my second building, need some more work on the base, and there wil be some statue in front of this building. Painting buildings is not my favorite thing to do....

I had to change some planes this month as I want to try some new necron stuff in games, which ment I needed to paint some new necrons, the deathmarks! The plan is to have a unit of 10, or 2 units of 6, depending on the game. Deep striking snipers that wounds a selected squad on 2, sounds good if I can use them the right way! I am also thinking about a monolith in my 2000 point army for the gaming weekend, any thoughts on that?
Anyhoooo here are the first 4 deathmarks, the rest is only primed.


  1. I feel the urge to try my old Necrons again when I see your pictures every month. That Deathmarks unit is extremely interesting, as is a lot of the units in the "new" codex. Looking forward to seeing them in action at the gaming weekend. I don't know the codex well enough that I can say anything reasonable about the Monolith. It used to be a no brainer, but maybe not anymore after the latest dex was released.

    I like the dark colours on your building. Personally I like doing buildings, but I agree that painting them is not very fun. A statue sounds like a good idea!

  2. The Shrine looks nice Tom-Erik. If you get tired after painting this one, imagine how it was painting mine sand beige….;) Like that you have used reed on the smaller “light ports”, something I will consider if I ever decide a make over on mine. Looking forward to see the base finished. And a statue, as Linus mentioned, will compliment it very nice. Unfortunately I did not manage to fit one with my own design.

    As far as the death marks go; in full “sync” with the rest of your units. Executed very nicely indeed. The “grass” on the bases looks very good (is that new?).

    When it comes to various units in your army, I would absolutely consider a Monolith – for two reasons. 1) It is just so very – Necron! 2) It provides you with some nice options to move troops around and to field a heavy armoured “terrain piece” with some nice guns.

  3. Nice and gloomy Shrine of the Aquila you've got there. Those large buildings can be a real hassle if all you've got are traditional brushes.

    The Deathmarks too look really nice. I suspect we'll all get to make their aquaintance next weekend...


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