2 April 2013

March & April 2013 Hobby Challenges

It's really April already, isn't it? Spring may actually be here at last, and I have the feeling our activity level is starting to pick up a little with the return of daylight and the (ever so slowly) rising temperatures.

So... Last month's challenges first.

I pledged two Hell Blade Chaos Fighterst from Forge World and a couple of old Chaos Spawn I had lying around. I finished the flyers around the middle of the month, but didn't get around to finishing the Spawn models during the week before Easter holiday so I'll have to get those done before pledging anything for April.

Linus finished his Chaos Chosen from the Dark Vengeance box set a few days after the fighter pictures went up, and the Helbrute from the same set a few days ago. Linus has started using his airbrush kit rather extensively lately, so I'm sure he'll be joining Ørn in shaming the rest of us for not being nearly as productive before long. ;)

Other than that, there's no other completed challenges for March. We have been getting a healthy number of games in though, so here's hoping we'll be able to keep that up - or even increase the frequency a little.

Pledges for this month in Comments, as usually and when March's challenges are completed, please...



  1. As I wrote in my previous post, my challenge for april is at least one heldrake, hopfully a forge/maulerfiend as well.

  2. So new month and more terrain...
    My plan for march is to get some defensline and crates done for the gaming board.
    On the Necrons side, I want to finnish my deathmarks and build a Monolith or Ghost Ark.

  3. What to do for April, then..?

    Ørn's Hunker in the Bunker event is just over ten days away, but I've already got all the models in my list ready to go. One squad does kind of stick out from the rest of the army - visually speaking - so I think I'm going to have a go at remedying that.

    What's this mystery unit? All shall be revealed in due time...


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