1 April 2013

Linus' february/march hobby challenge part II

Finally I got this dude finished. Sorry for the bad picture...

At least I think I will put him into some army lists, something that is not the case with the stupid Chosen. I'm not very satisfied with this one, which has been a model I have used to try out airbrushing techniques a little more. Some of the colours are inspired by the excellent painter at Buypainted.com.

I started out clogging the Krome after five seconds, resulting in a terrible mess and total disassembling and cleaning. But that was interesting. Since then I have found out how to adjust the air pressure and set the paint flow somewhat correct for different painting purposes. I've only been using the ,21 needle for detailing, but will switch to the 0,3 needle when I start basing the models for my April hobby challenge.

And in april I hope I can finish these two machines. One of them with probably 30 magnets... ugh

And here is a little glimpse into the near future...


  1. I met this dude a couple of days ago (at that time not finished), a real “bad boy” and a cool looking model!

    I think the finished model looks very good Linus. Lots of details and contrasting colours that complements each other. I am looking forward to start dry brushing again (please remember to send me the link).

    Also exiting to se that you have (more than) started on the next project, and even more so the upcoming Daemons.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Nice to see the Drea... err... Helbrute all painted up, and with the Heldrake and Seekers obviously ready to go April's obviously going to be all about Fast Attack for you.

    Someone is starting to pick up speed again, it seems. :)

  3. The seekers must wait a couple of months, but I will probably sit down at the assembly line in between painting the chaos machinery. I've got some Forge World models waiting on the shelf as well. we'll see. First thing first ;)

  4. Ørnulv, this is the link to where I bought my Krome. I see that you get 25 discount by using the spring coupon code right now. I used a coupon that got me 50 per cent off normal retail price. http://webairbrushes.com/main%20page.htm

  5. Lovly! I need to get my airbrush going again, this is a very good inspiration to do that!
    Looking forward to more, and some deamons, I realy like that new codex, so many cool things you can do with all the units!

  6. I love that codex as well, I feel that it has a lot of fun possibilities. But of course, I am fully aware of some of the weaknesses. They can be tabled extremely fast if played unsmart. And I am not the cunniest player out there ;)

    I plan on making a small allied base of an HQ, one or two troops units, the seekers and something in the Heavy department, hopefylly some off it finished by the summer holiday.


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