7 April 2013

Chaos Spawn - Jørn's March Hobby Challenge

A week into April, and I'm finally done with my pledges for March.

Playing a Chaos Space Marines army, you never know when the Gods turn their backs to your champions, and you're called upon to have a Spawn model ready. I've had the two models below lying around since... Since they were released probably. It's about time then that they finally received some paint.

I've been playing around with all sorts of new tool while painting these two. The base colours were airbrushed on, enabling me to experiment with colour gradients on their extremities and between the different parts of their bodies. A number of different oil washes was then applied, to tone down the most extreme colour variations and to bring out the texture. A bit of light dry-brushing here and there, followed by more wash... Back and forth a few times until they reached the stage you can see above.


  1. I really like what you have done here: Perfect models, superb paint job, I am jealous! I want those myself ;)

  2. One word: awesome! The transisions looks so good Jørn, your mix of different styles shows.

    Hope we can face of in the not to fare future; would like to see them "live".

  3. Thank you, both of you.

    Linus: While the Scyla Anfingrimm model is long OOP and may not be easily available, I've come across the regular Spawn model numerous times on eBay.

    Ørnulv: Yes, it's been too long! Perhaps an evening next week?

    1. Definitely too long Jørn!

      Next week is quite busy at work as we do our annual reporting, but it would have been a blast if we could team up next Friday, set up the tables for the gaming event and maybe have a go at it (an all weekender so to say)?


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