19 April 2013

A drake

A heldrake finished. Well I had to say stop. Could have done more with both the model and base. Not everything here I am completely satisfied with, but overall I think it's ok, and fit the theme of my army. I actually think the Heldrake model is quite nice. Guess it has to do with the armour and machine, and not so much weight on an insectous and animalistic expression.

I used one of buypainted.coms paint schemes, but decided to go my own way. Maybe a little too much wash from Secret Weapon in the end, but at least the drake got a dirty, greasy look. I have used a lot of brown pigments both on the model and base, making a rusty effect that almost vanished when I varnished the model. But it was too much in the first place, so a good thing that much was blown away.

And that is how I paint in a nutshell: Not always having the end product in my mind. Finding the path as I walk. Planning is therefore something I will try to improve.

Used the ultra fine needle on the Krome a lot on this really nice model, in the end managing to spray quite fine lines. But I must admit, finding the right mix of paint thinning, air pressure and distance to model is difficult! I've experienced dots, spiderweb and everything that is wrong. Perhaps the most important lesson is to remember to not finish the airbrush shot with paint in the system. Always finish blowing out air. Then you will not start the next shot with uncontrollable paint dots all over the model!

I started out this model testing the Krome, and after a few seconds - the stupid neewbie disaster happened. The airbrushed clogged and I got paint everywhere in the spraygun. I had to disassemble the whole thing, tried to clean it up, and managed to go on. And learned a lot. Last weekend disaster number two occured when I dropped the Krome on the floor, and naturally the needle was bent. I e-mailed Ken Schlotfeldt at Badger and he directed me to a german retailer who sent me the parts I needed in three days! So now I am up and going again.

The Forgefiend is next. But probably not finished by the end of the month.

See you tomorrow!

(Edit: Added som pics on request)


  1. The pictures doesn't do this model justice. The details you've achieved - perhaps especially on the Heldrake's underside - is quite inspiring.

    How about a couple of pictures and a few words on the subject?

  2. Thanks! Added some pics ;)

  3. “Beautiful” model, and a “strong paintjob” there Linus. A Drake ! Especially liked the “high contrast” colours. Looking forward to seeing your next project ☺


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