31 March 2013

ULTRAMAR AUXILIA (the decision is made)

In a previous post, covering my planned hobby activities for 2013, a decision to go with Imperial Guard ore Tau was one of the most important. It is going to be – Imperial Guard (Ultramar Auxilia).

I first thought I should build and paint this army in piece and quite, presenting it as a “surprise” during the annual TSB tour to my summer cabin (august 2014). Of course, it would not have been the most exiting (or unexpected news), but since people have witnessed me buying models, and visitors have seen boxes stack in my battle bunker, I decided it was better to share my decision (this will at least enable me to post army in progress posts and participate in the monthly hobby pledge on TSB). Start up is planned in September 2013.

During my trip to Nottingham, before Christmas, I bought some IG flyers. On my recent trip to London, I bought pretty much the rest of the army. Still not certain if I will use the Cadian “heads”, and I will have to buy extra weapons etc, but the bulk of the models (including a Super heavy I bought from Linus) are now stored safely in my hobby room. 

Some may say: “Wait a minute, Space Marine Chapters don’t keep/control their own IG anymore (post herecy)!” Well, Ultramar seems to be an “exception” (of cores, after all they are the “marines-marines” and can be trusted.... - as Trond often reminds me;)). I quote from the Lexicanum: “Each world (in the Ultramar realm; rem. from the post author) also maintains their own Planetary Defence Force, a well-disciplined and equipped force known as the Ultramar Auxilia. These forces are similarly exempt from the tithe system; however, the efficiency and prosperity of Ultramar is such that several hundred regiments are maintained to join the Imperial Guard when needed”.

Colours? Still out on that one. Initially I opted for a white and blue colour scheme (like the Ultramarines Scouts). But it has been done before, and actually, I have decided to leave that kind of “look” to other guard armies (Mordian etc), and will therefore focus on trying to make the colours “believable” as far as camo etc goes (after all, they don’t have power armour). I will try to implement some blue and some markings connecting the army to “Ultramar”, but have still not decided how I will go about insignia, markings etc yet. Currently I am looking at various airbrushes hoping everything will be ready for assembly after the summer holiday.



  1. looking forward to take a look at the paint scheme, and I know that this army will stand out from the rest, just as your other armies. Good luck

  2. This is exciting and sounds just the kind of expansion you should look for! Looking forward to play IG, must have been three or four years since last time, when I got tabled in Kristiansand... ;)

  3. Colour scheme, distinguishing features (like head-swaps), tactical markings, iconography, background...

    There doesn't seem to be a limit to how detailed you can get with these Guard regiments - be they of the Imperial or Traitor variety. I'm sure you'll be having lots of fun with this project even before you get around to assembling your first models.

  4. Guard and marines, heavy guns and power armour, the perfect combo! Looking forward to follow this army in the future, I know it is goiing to be hard to play against!


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