16 March 2013

Prima Nocte II – Battle Reports – Orks vs Ultramarines


Initiation of my brand new “cities of death” gaming table! And what better way to “kick off” with a game between Inger Helene´s Orks and my Ultramarines. 3000p. The armies ready to go (and so are we).

The armies (set up on my desert table that works as a “support table”).

And of corse, good food and wine to complement a great day / evening! More to follow.

Let the battle (the evening) – commence :)

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  1. So... How'd the big game go?

    Did you manage to play nice, or did it descent into drunken... well... perhaps not 'debauchery' exactly... like it usually does when Ørn is mixing the drinks?


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