20 March 2013

Linus' february/march hobby challenge


So I finally finished these bastards, this insanely detailed unit of Chosen, a unit I most probably wont use (but still have to) because of their high points cost and far from optimal default choice of weapons. But they are very fine models, I've tried out my airbrush both with several of the priming and highlighting layers, as well as varnishing the finished models. I have tried out several painting techniques, with much use of layering and highlighting and almost no drybrushing at all.

This has been a steep uphill voyage for me, with some intense painting hours the last couple of weeks. And that's my problem. It has been far too time consuming. I felt I had to learn painting from scratch after more than three years not touching a brush.

Please comment, and give me feedback on what you would have done different. The bases as you can see lack some fun detaling.

Next project is some engines. And then there is something very fast and scary :)


  1. First off: I can see how that took a little longer than planned... ;) They're gorgeous!

    I'm a little surprised you went with a red colourscheme, though, and not one more in line with your existing army. While the Chosen unit from the Codex is a bit naff, the models do make excellent Aspiring Champions.

    If you're 'just' going to use them as display pieces, you should make them a small diorama base! I'm sure M will let you display them in the living room...

  2. Very nice work Linus! Please try to ”fit them” into a list, a shame not to field them. 3 years without being productive, well it does not show☺

    I am going to buy a new airbrush (my old Hansa was thrown away after years of abuse when I stopped panzer modelling). I seem to remember you bought a Badger. Is that correct, witch model did you buy and are you satisfied with it (especially with the cleaning process)?

    Looking forward to se your next project☺

  3. Thanks for the feedback! Of course they will find the way to the gaming table, Ørnulv, but the problem with the unit is that the chosen as an option are points wise not smart unless the Heavy slot is already full and I still want a unit with spesialist weapons such as meltas, flamers and plasmas. These power weapons make the unit very costy, but they will probably be fun anyway :)

    Jørn, I went for the red because I really like the khornate color, and of course I was inspired by Buypainted an Awsomepaintjobs nice tutorials on the chosen. Both airbrushed them red... And then there is my no longer sole commitment to that one, old, green and gory grandfather god.

    When it comes to diarama basing I think I will skip that and focus on the Heldrake an Helbrute instead ;)

    Ørnulv, I bought the Badger Krome from US (at 50 per cent discount) but will come back to you with my first impression when I start on the two monstrous machines. I haven't tested it yet.

    Looking forward to the 31th!

  4. Really beautiful painted models, can`t wait to see the rest of your army, and the helldrake :-)
    I would also be very interested to get som tips and tricks on airbrush techniques, feel like I am getting nowhere with mine, stil only using it for basing and some simple highlights!

  5. Thanks! I'm really looking forward to painting up the Heldrake. Just a little bit unsure of the colors. Dark and a good strong contrast is key for me.

    When it comes to airbrushing, I am just in the beginning of the learning curve. I think I have found the right paint consistency, I know how to clean the thing (a good thing) and I've done simple shading and layering too. I think Jørn did really well using an AB to paint the metallic shine effect on power weapons. I must try that sometime.

    Hope to learn a lot when doing the Helbrute, Heldrake and lastly the Forgefiend/Maulerfiend.


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