17 March 2013

Hell Blade Chaos Fighters - Jørn's March Hobby Challenge (Architecture of Aggression XXXIII)

I Thought I'd do my Primary objective first this month, and finish the Hell Blades before I let the Spawns and the airbrush distract me.

These were relatively simple kits - at least compared to the Warhound I started on last month - so they went together pretty easily. Mostly supergrue, and only very minor pinning was required. The biggest challenge turned out to be mounting them on the flying stand. The 'box' with the cross-shaped slot does not really fit underneath the model, so I scrapped it altogether and found an aluminium rod from an old printer and sawed it in two. These rods wer fixed to the base with a screw, a washer and a healthy helping of super glue. I drilled holes underneath the models, and filled the cockpit with Milliput.

After allowing a couple of days for glue to set properly, the models received the usual black primer coat, followed by drybrush layers of Warplock Bronze and Leadbelcher. A little more of my now dwindling supply of Red Ink went onto the fuselage before I went back over some of the details with Leadbelcher again. To finish off the models, I played around with oil paints (Winsor and Newton Perylene Black and Burnt Umber) and white spirits and tried for a worn and battered look.

I may still be going back over these to add tactical and kill markings later, but for now I'll just add a coat of varnish and try them out properly on the tabletop.


  1. Reminds me of the cockpit of the BF 109. These fliers are just Chaos. Sleek, fast, and evil looking.
    After facing them on Thursday, they really ads flavor to your army. A lot more than the flying crate from the Imperial guard....

    1. BF 109 Messerschmidt... (Had to google that!)

      I can see where you're coming from there, even if I'd think of the Lockheed F-117 'Nighthawk' first myself.

      I had a blast pitting the flyers up against each other last tuesday BTW, even if I did give you the game (as it turned out) on turn two.

  2. “Gritty” looking. Your Word Bearers colour scheme fits these models very nice (but I would suggest that you “clean up the rods”).

    I have no idea what kind of stat line these aircrafts have, but I am certain they are deadly. And with large blobs of cultists (who are made fearless), a “horde” of chaos marines and now – 2 flyers, well Jørn, I am not too concerned with fielding various lists ore armies again;)

    Looking forward to seeing these models in real life, and to have a game against them☺.

    1. It's just two AV 10/10/10 Flyers with two Twin-linked Reaper Autocannons, Ørn, not half a dozen Razorbacks. ;)

      ...and yes, I see do need to tidy up the black on the rods down by the base. Should be able to get to that tonight.

    2. I have actually got 8 of them now, and I have plans on how to fit them into my list and against whom;)

    3. So that's what you've got planned for after the Easter holiday!
      Very well, then. ;) How big a list do I need to prepare?

  3. They are so mean looking. Very nice models on the gaming table, although I was a bit surprised when I saw the size. Thought they were a little bitt bigger ;) Very chaotic, nice paint job. They are dark, and that's what they should be!


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