4 March 2013

February & March 2013 Hobby Challenges

With February well and truly behind us, it's time to do a little recap before we look at what we're going to get done for March.

So... In order of appearance:

I finished my secondary objective first, by building the legs of my Chaos Warhound Titan before even starting on the models I'd pledged to paint. When I did pick up the paintbrush, however, the biggest 'problem' the Dark Vengeance models presented was their sheer level of detail. Towards the end of the month, I had to stop adding to be able to finish painting the models.

Ørnulv presented his second new gaming table, but didn't manage to finish the Shrine of the Aquila based building he showed us WIP pictures of early in the month. Knowing Ørn, I'm sure there will be pictures of the finished building before long. It's also more than likely there'll be more pictures of the table over the next few weeks as we get to play on it, and battle reports starts appearing.

Tom-Erik tackled severeal projects this month, and had an imposing Bastion terrain piece as well as severeal new models to show for this mont's efforts. I suspect we'll be getting to know both his new Triarch Stalker and the Immortals with Tesla Carbines over the next few weeks. It'll also be interesting to follow the devellopement of the pre-heresy Death Guard we got a glipse of.

Linus practically thundered out the gates this month, but it seems he may have overreached a little. He does have a lot of Real Life on his plate these days, though, and he'll be sure to present his Dark Vengeance models as soon as he's able to finish them. Meanwhile, I understand his (very much post-heresy) Death Guard have been sharpening their Plague Knives and planing to take to the tabletop again very soon.

Trond has been busy making progress as well, even if he's not been posting about it here. A titan kit poses new set of challenges, not only during construction but perhaps especially when it comes to shading/highlighting areas of armour significantly larger than what we find on regular miniatures. The picture to the left here is from a text message conversation I had with Trond a few weeks ago.

...and there you have it. The first montly hobby challenge of 2013 more or less completed. Time for those of us that managed to reach our goals to pledge a unit or two for this month. Those that didn't quite make it will probably want to finish what they've started before adding units. I hope the few that were unable to participate last month will be able to join in now. There's little point pledging progress you can't realistically complete, but getting on-board with something may provide that little bit of pressure to get that ball rolling - figuratively speaking.

Pledges for March in Comments, if you please...



  1. I suppose I'll be going first then...

    I'm going to be focusing on Fast Attack for this month's challenge. I've already got a couple of flying bases all fitted with a metal rod and a piece of fine Forge World resin perched on top of.

    Furthermore, I have two older metal Chaos Spawn all based and primed. They'll be fooling around with the airbrush unless the Hell Blades takes all month.

  2. My March challenge will be more terrain.
    One more building, some Agis defence lines and maybe a space marine statue.
    Trying to get some more Heresy models done also as a small side project.

  3. My Revenat is not completely finished, but almost. For my March project... Phoenix bomber:)
    But also - a lot more gaming, hopefully


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