31 January 2013

February 2013 Hobby Challenge

It appears that 2012 wasn’t too productive a year, hobby-wise, for us. There’s one notable exception, of course, but the point of this article is not Ørn’s servitor-filled crypt and the many points of stabby killy space-elves of death (and possibly a little fluff) he makes them paint for him.

No… Not at all.

The point of my rather convoluted rambling is to kick off a group effort to help us focus on the development of our collections of miniatures, terrain and other hobby-related paraphernalia throughout 2013. In short:
The TSB 2013 Hobby Challenge.
January may have come and gone, but that still leaves time enough to attempt ten challenges this year. (July is often a slow month as far as hobbying goes, anyway.)

What now then?

First order of business is for each participant to pledge a more or less reasonable hobby pledge, typically along the lines of build and/or paint these models or piece(s) of terrain. Then we’ll at least do a show-and-tell by the end of the month, showing off the finished project. There may or may not be posted Work in Progress articles as well.

So without any further ado: Let's have at it!!!


  1. Several of us have been working hard in 2012, completing projects, maybe without posting, or having worked on armies for other game systems, so stating that it has not been “a too productive year” may to some seem a bit harsh. When it comes to posting on this blogg however - I do agree. I also agree we should make an effort 40K vice in 2013, and I think that the “monthly challenge” is a great initiative!

    When it comes to my own “pledge” for February my goal is to 1) finish my new 40K City Gaming board, and 2) hopefully also to finish a new building I have been working on.

  2. You are right, of course, Ørnulv.

    I was indeed referring only to 40K-related progress above, and chose not to go into the myriad of reasons for why 40K got put on the back-burner. There is a limit for how long I'm allowed to ramble on, and each of our reasons are our own unless we choose to share them ourselves. Far better to focus on the year ahead, though, and share what we are able to do when RL allows for it.

    As for my own pledge this month...

    Primary: Paint up an Aspiring Champion and a Boltgun-wielding Marine to replace the current Champion and Icon Bearer in each of my three CSM squads, and a new Dark Apostle. All three Champions as well as the Apostle are models from the Dark Vengeance box, with a few minor conversions.

    Secondary: Build at least the legs of my Chaos Warhound Titan. Sounds simple enough, but by my reckoning that's sixty-or-so resin pieces that need to be pinned and glued together.

  3. Love these challenges, hope this will help me get my terrain projects up and running..

    So my pledge for this month:

    1. Build, paint and base one building.

    2. Finish the Necron stalker

    1. ohh, and a game pledge also from me, to get 3 games with my necrons this month, any one up for a game let me know.


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