20 January 2013

My workspace II

Following up on Linus “my workspace” post, well this is mine! Nothing “clever” about my “set up”. I use the whole of the living room desk as my "hobby desk", also fore storage of tools, bits related to current projects, paints etc.

What I like about my workspace is that it is centred in the living room so I can participate in what is happening elsewhere, and also have a view to the telly. As you can see I too use a “transportable board” witch a friend made several years ago as a large “tank diorama base”. Once finished with a hobby session, I place “things” back into the desk and move the "hobby board" into the "battle bunker". Fast and efficient, it works.
I have a larger storage facility in my “gaming room” (battle bunker) witch also holds my armies, terrain and storage of various “bits and parts” from current and earlier projects.



  1. Your bunker is a dream, but that desk solution is just so smart. As Jørn pointed out as well, being social when building and painting is very important. If I had the space I would definately set up a desk in the living room.

  2. All those cupboards... All that space!
    ...and that desk setup is pretty damn sweet too.


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