25 January 2013

My workspace IV

So I thought I would join this fun series and show my messy workspace.
I have stolen the guest room, so I am not very soical when I paint, I am usually miles away listning to a Black Library book. (look at the realy good blog I am  reading at the moment!)

Behind me lies all the projects wainting to be finished, especially the eldar corsair, eldar, dark eldar project that some day will se the light!


  1. Pretty nice setup you've got there! We all need somewhere to escape to sometimes...

  2. Very nice setup indeed. I to tend to "fade out" when "working" (in other words, pretending to participate.....). Lots of models stored in this room Tom Erik, I recon you will be bussy in the forseable future ;) Looking forward to our game next saturday.


  3. messy perhaps, but it seems to me you've got order in the chaos. Nice to see all your fun projects lying around. Nice blog you are reading ;)

  4. Not as messy as my workspace though. I really need to clean that up a bit. Nice phantom legs by the way:)


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