7 January 2013

Battle Report - Intervention

How could this happen? She had scried the future events and everything seemed to go without the need for the Eldar to interveen. The young ones was in possesion of the ancient artifact, but without
psycich guidance they would not be able actvivate it, or draw unwanted attention to the long lost secret. But now it was a whole different matter. How could she have no forseen that the forces of Chaos had gotten word of the location of the artifact - and taken controll of it. Worst of all she had detected a psycich presence. Strong, but not hoaned and sharp like herself, but potent none the less.
As she turned, the Autarch entered the room. "Always ready to strike, I will assemble the warhost and retrive what is lost to us". "There is a problem though, the webway has been partially sealed/collapsed in this area."  "We are only able to send through smaller craft and infantry." "Our Vipers and Hornets are already on patrol elsewher"e, the Farseer was concerned. Would they be able to react fast enoguh? "Fear not Farseer, my warpspiders stands ready to face the threat of Chaos. Our Pathfinders are already scouting in a forward position. Will you be joining us with your guidance?" I`m afraid not, I will remain here and trying to prevent Chaos from calling in reserves and for that I need to assamble the council."  The Runes have been cast, the Swordwind is on the move...

Mission: Purge the alien
Setup: Dawn of war
Forces of the Eldar Biel Tan Strikeforce.
Autarch. Warp jump generator, powerweapon, mandiblasters, shuriken pistol, haywire and Plasma grenades
Death spinner

7 Dire Avengers. Avenger catapult -  The protectors of the shrine of Asuryan
5 Pathfinders - The starwalkers
3 Guardian Jetbikes - The Wind Chaseres
3 Guardian Jetbikes - Masters of the plains

8 Warpspiders - Protectors of the infinity circuit
8 Warpspiders - Protectors of the infinity circuit

3 Warwalkers
The forces of Chaos.
Chaos sorcerer. Power armour, forceweapon, boltpistol. Powers: Iron Arm, firestorm of Tzeench

10 Chaos spacemarines, vetrans of the long war. 2 melta guns, asp champion, powerweapon, bolter
10 Chaos spacemarines, vetrans of the long war. 2 plasma guns, asp champion, powerweapon, bolter
32 Chaos cultis, handweapons, cc weapons

4 Chaos bikers, 2 melta guns, twinlinked bolters, asp champion, powerweapon

3 Obliterators

I rolled for a strategic trait for my warlord, and rolled up, -1 for enemy reserv rolls!
Jørn rolled on the same and got crusader. ekstra dice for runmoves and ekstra d3 for sweeping
We agreed on army setup that I could not take "large objects" so I had only 1 heavy choice. Jørn said that the most natural thing for him was that his oblitirators where called in via reserve.

I won deplyment and decided to go first. Deplyoing my dire avengers well within a ruin and my jetbikes in i V formation behind them

. My pathfinders infiltrated the 3 level of the same building with an excellente firing position.

 Warwalkers in reserve, Autarch and both sqds of warpspiders in reserve deepstrike

Jørn deployd behind a large building with both of his spacemarines sqd and his cultists. The Chaos sorcerer joined the plasma sqd.

The Chaos bikers was deploed in the open, with a clear field in front of them, ready to gun their engines. Oblitirators in reserve deepstrike

The Eldar Strikeforce held the initiative and started.....

Eldar, the biker champion growled, looks like they are trying to prevent us from leaving with the treasure. Notify our master what we have encountered......

The Eldar jetbikes moved forward at full speed trying to draw out the forces of chaos from hiding behind the ruin. If only we had brought a Shuriken cannon, we could engaged the Mon-keigh`s crude bikes.
The Dire Avengers adjust their position within the ruin, looking for the enemy to break cover and attack.

The pathfinders, who had observed the Chaos force moving onto the battlefield, as clumsy and noicy as expected, scanned for targets with their longrifles. Bikers. As one, they fired.

Two of the shots went straight through the eye lences of two chaos bikers, killing them instantly. A third rider was knocked off his bike, and broke his neck when he hit the ground, as another shot hit home. Only the biker Champion was left. He promptly failed his breaktest, but didn`t run of the field.

Chaos turn 1.

Jørn rallied his biker champion but found that he really had no where to run from the snipers and their leathal long rifles and moved 3 inches towards the main chaos force.

Moving towards the speeding jetbikes with one sqd of marines, icluding the chaos sorcerer, and the jibbering cultist, the forces of chaos had broken cover and was now partially in the open..
FIRE!!!!... out of range and no one to see.

Eldar turn 2

The Autarch gave the signal, and as one 2 sqds of warpspiders materalised in front of the chaos line, right where they wanted to be. At the same time the arrival of the warwalker sqd scatterlasers pointing down range towards marines and cultists.

One sqd of jetbikes, decided to break off and zoomed of towars the opposite flank of the eldar army.

The other sqd turned their bikes around and came around the corner and straight for the cultists. The autarch and his warpspiders, 3 jetbikes and 3 warwalkers opend fire.
 The warpspiders did quit well cutting down 6 or seven cultist, the jetikes killed another 2 and then the warwalkers... 24 dice, s 6, bs 3, so 12 hits??? not by a long shot. 4 hits!!!! 3 dead cultist. should have been 10 dead cultists..

The Pathfinders took carefull aim at the last chaos biker, trying to get away, and on of the shots went straight through his neck collar and that was the end of that.

Well time to get out of harms way, loosing one of their number, the warpspiders vanished only to reapear in the ruins behind them. The jetbikes tried to assault the cultist, but they where just out of assaul range.

Chaos turn 2.

Jørn rolled for reserves - 1 sqd of oblitirators, but a roll of on and two was not enugh to bring them in to reinforce the chaos force.

With the bikes gone, and the cultists where decreasing in number fast, Jørn kept pushing forward.
The cultists moved up to the jetbikes and was ready to fire with their pistols and assault what was left.
The chaos sorcerer and his sqd moved up and within bolter range of the elusive wapspiders and autarch. The Space Marine sqd at the center of the chaos deploymentzone, moved up to the doorway and had a clear shot to the dire avengers on the other side of the battlefield. The Sorcerer drew on the warp and targeted the warpspiders in the ruin with his firestorm of Tzeench. it inflicted 4 hits.Two of the aspect warriors screamed as the psychic energies from the warp burned through their aspect armour. An aditional 2 took hits from the ekstra 4 hits caused by the power, but they survived. At the same time, the chaos marines took aim and killed another 2 spiders. They passed their breaktest.

The cultist fired at the jetbikes, killing one in a hail of bullets. Tha last Marine sqd fired through the doorway, killing one Dire avenger. Assault. Cultist vs jetbikes, overwatch, the two jetbikes killed two cultist before they could react, and with that done, they didn`t manage their assult roll, so no assault this round either.

Eldar turn 3.

With all of the Eldar forces comitted to the fight, and starting to loose precious eldars at an alarming rate, I had no choice but to go head on with everything I had.
So the unharmed jetbikesqd, moved up and into the chaos deployment zone, ready to assist if needed.
Both warpspider sqds moved forward towards about 20 cultist and 9 marines and chaos sorcerer.

The remaning 2 jetbikes adjusted their position close by ready to strike. Fire!
8 warpspiders oblitirated at least 10 cultist, the jetbikes another 3. The warwalkers, eager to prove their worth, targeted the spacemarine sqd. Remembering 4 hits in the last shooting phase, I rolled a staggering 18! hits, causing 15 wounds on the marines. Jørn promptly failed 9 saves!  leaving the chaos sorcerer on his own, wondring what just happend. The autarch and his last three spiders continued to whittle down the cultist, which in turn passed their leadership test, only to be assaulted and utterly wiped out by the remaining 2 jetbikes. The Eldar forces had really taken the sting out of the chaos army this turn.

Chaos turn 3.

Oblitirators? No not this time either. Jørn was really starting to worry.
The lone chaos sorcerer ran towards the last, unscaved marine sqd for safety. The Marines moved forwards to meet him. In the following fireing phase, chaos killed 1 another avenger, but nothing else. No assault from Chaos this turn.

Eldar turn 4.

Time to end this - hopefully. Moving all of my jetbikes up towards the remaining Chaos force, and the agile warpspiders moved forward, ready to assault. The autarch detaced from one spider sqd and joined the other.

Seeing that this was an oppertunity to end it and perhaps retrieve the lost artefact, the Warpspiders leveled their Death spinners and fired. The 3 jetbikes added their shuriken catapults, and left 5 marines standing including the scorcerer. Jetbikes, and 8 warpspiders charged into the reeling marines loosing none to overwatch fire. The auarch drew his powersword has he nimbly danced over the broken bodies of chaos spacemarines, issuing a challeng to the chaos sorcerer. The Chaos general smiled and drew his forcesword, drawing energy from the warp, as he leapt forward to meet the Eldar general in deadly hand to hand combat. But perhaps from beeing wounded earlier, or beeing a bit slower than the agile eldar, the battle hardend sorcerer never stood a chance. Before he could strike a blow at the autarch, he fell motionless to the ground sword in hand, wondering how this puny creature could have so easily taken him down....
The rest of the close combat resulted in a jetbike being thrown of his bike, and the spiders killing 3 of the marines, leaving 2 standig hoping for some help from above.

Chaos turn 4

But alas... The farseer had done her job, interfering with the chaos reserves, and the autarch, master strategist, had managed to keep the oblitirators in the warp. So straight to close combat.
The marines didn`t stand a chance agianst the autarch, and both where cut down. with no chaos forces on the ground and no signal to lock on to, the oblitirators was now lost in space.

The farseer recieved the signal - Total victory, minor casulties. Artefact retrieved.

Time to leave this planet and return to Biel Tan. She knew this would not be easy. Their long range scanners had already picked up hostile signals moving towards their position. She sent message to the strikeforce to return to the warpgate immideatly.

Final score:

Eldar 9
Chaos 0


  1. Pictures will be posted asap!

  2. Bah! It's well enough to set up and play a narrative series of games, but against Trond i really should now better than to expose my units to fire unnecessarily. Also, it didn't help me that all the Eldar units showed up pretty much exactly where and when they were needed.

    All in all... I made a couple of stupid mistakes, and Trond made sure I paid for them.

    Now, we need to come up with a suitable scenario for the next battle. Trond is currently working on the designs for a warpgate, so I'm thinking something along the lines of a Planetstrike mission...

  3. When's ASAP, anyway? ;)
    Aka: Pics, or it didn't happen!!!

  4. dropbox problem - working on it!!!!!! :)

  5. Nice report Trond, and great pictures!

    PS! Whos that guy at the bottom picture? Ss a Harlequin about to get stomped… ;)


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