13 January 2013

First post!

It is a bit scary to write my first post on team stormbolter, so I thought I should start with a short indroduction of me and my hobby madness!

First off, thanks for including me, I am really looking forward to more great games and social activitis in the months to come.

Short about me: I live in Strømmen with my fiancee, Tone, our little daughter Emma, and the queen of the house, our dog Wilma. To earn money for my hobby madness i work as a account managner at Ricoh.

So the important stuff, Warhammer 40.000:
I have been playing warhammer 40000 since the 2nd edition, and now as then it was the background and the fluff that got me into the hobby. Since then my love for the story and models have grown, and I spent 4 years working for Games Workshop, 2 off them at the HQ in Nottingham.
Through the years I have collected many armys, chaos, space marines, orks, eldar and now a new necron army.
The thing I like must now is putting together armys based on background, and famous campaings, although these armys seldom comes out on the wining side, that is what I need the Necrons army for  :-).

For the future I have a new exciting army idea, just need to finnish a stalker and some infantry for the necrons.

Hope to see you all soon and enjoy a game or 10.


(I will update this post with pictures off the necrons, just need my camera to stop acting funny)


  1. Finally; we have been looking forward to this fore some time now Tom-Erik! I hope you are “on” for a game in early February using my new desert gaming table(?).

    Looking forward to some pictures of your Necrons, and since you also have a finished Ork army (and Eldar models), I hope you find time to post pictures of them as well.

    Inger Helene and I have talked about a large Ork vs Ultramarines battle. I hope we can pull one off during the spring (after Inger Helene has finished with the annual reporting).

    Also, if you want T-shirts etc, do not hesitate to contact me.


  2. Indeed... Welcome to the group - and the blog!

    Looking forward to the Necron army feature, would really not mind seeing one for your other armies as well.


  3. Welcome to the Inner Circle of (un)holy madness :)
    Looking forward to see your Necrons and hopefully meet them on the battlefield in a not too distant future. My little problem right now is finding space in the calendar and time for even a single brush stroke on my half finished Chosen with friends currently being stowed away on a shelf.
    Thrilled to learn more about your army idea.


  4. Welcome:) Looking forward to our next game, and especially to stump some Ultramarines together:)

  5. Welcome abord! Really looking forward to future games, and blogs about your new projects.


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