22 December 2012

40K Terrain board- update # 2

With the Christmas holiday upon us, I thought I should post an update on my progress on my new “desert themed” gaming table.

After having covered the table in a mix of “concrete/plaster/sand/watered down PVA glue”, I covered all the flat areas with sand.

Unfortunately the sand I used was a bit “wet”, so I had a hard time "leveling the surface" and at the same time maintaining the appearance of “hard and soft areas”.

Next up was applying the base coat. 2 coats. I used almost 3 litres of paint with one litre of PVA glue thinned in water mixed into it!

When dry, the next step will be to apply the different colours. Hopefully I should get the board done before I go back to work in January. But with all the party’s and events, I doubt it.
Anyway, as this will be my last post this year, I wish all the readers of this blogg - Marry Christmas and a happy new year!

Signing off, cheers

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  1. Still looking good there, mate! That goop had to have taken a couple of days, at least, before it was dry.

    Looking forward to the next update - next year.


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