16 December 2012

40k Terrain board - And so it begins…

Thought I should post an update.

Slow progress! After a busy week it was time to smoothen out areas and to incorporate rocks. Being a “desert themed board”, I tried not to go over the top with rocs. However, I had to “split” the river in order to reduce the difficulty of trying to pore hot resin.

And of course, I just had to add some “skulls”, 4 patches of them in total.

Next up was applying a layer of thinned down PVA glue to the “rock face”. This was tideus work, and I used almost one litre of thinned down glue to get the job done. My goal was to harden the rock face as I wanted to use the texture “as it was”, without applying sand etc.  Then it was time to cover the flat areas and the river using my standard “goup mix”.

Once this has dried, the next step will be to cover all the “flat areas” with sand. I expect it will take several days before everything has dried completely, dreading the next step since it will be a “messy job”.



As mentioned in a previous post, I have started working on a new gaming board. Did I say one? I meant three!

I ordered the components from a local outlet. In -10° Celsius and windy snowdrift, Jørn arrived at my flat at 07:00, helping me carry up the delivery. Next, he spent to evenings after work (and after meeting his family obligations) helping me measuring and pre-cutting the pieces. By now I recon you got it, and if not - Thank you Jørn for always being there and helping out!

I am building three gaming boards. This time – themed boards. For gaming purposes solely, I guess "flat tables" with modular terrain pieces are best. However, I have had that for several years now, feeling I miss the challenge and possibilities of detailing of a thematic (fixed) gaming board. In order to "blend" my current terrain with the new boards, the foundation scenery of the new boards will be "fixed" but are designed so that my buildings etc can fit. I am very uncertain if this will work, but I decided this summer to give it a try.

First out is a "desert table" with a river. The idea behind this gaming table is to be able to use it in both 40K and Fantasy war gaming. I plan to finish it in colours that will blend with my Dark Eldar and forthcoming Chaos Army. The design will, hopefully, give me the option to build a Chaos Temple and Dark Eldar scenery. This is the plan anywa. If it is going to work – I have no idea.

Here are some pictures of the first gaming board under construction (the other two underneath).

Cheers guys,



  1. It's my pleasure to be able to help out, Ørn. At the very least, I can consider it an investment in Good Times yet to be had around the tables once they're finished.

    I call dibs on the first 40K game on the 'rural' table. That's going to look really cool when it's done!

  2. Looking forward to seeing these boards finished. You don't see enough of these kind of boards anymore and so far yours are shaping up nicely!

  3. I'm looking forward to this, Ørnulv. and as the expectations as usual are high, I'm sure the finished ganing boards will be of high standard and playable. I really envy you the drive and commitment when it comes to planning, starting and finishing your projects!

    Good luck!


  4. Very nice.

    I think that combining Chaos and Dark Eldar colors and terrain features shouldn`t be any problem and the finished table is gonna be a really nice table. Looking forward to play on it

  5. Looks very good so far! Looking forward to seeing them finished:) And to kill som Dark Eldar on them;)

  6. So this is where my Necrons will meet their doom....
    Looks like another stunning terrain board, looking forward to follow the updates!

  7. Modular terrain boards, at last....as Jørn may remember I had this idea myself almost a decade past. At that time however, I found the project more than a bit to ambitious. Mr. Terrain builder Ørnulv surely has better skills and determination in such regards than me. The board looks great with a river, a terrain piece that´s not often prominent (if ever used) on the battleboards of TSB. Thumbs up Ørn, and to Jørn too for great support.

  8. Good progress, although I do think you should post project updates in new articles rather than updating and re-updating the original one.

    I bet C will be thrilled about all the sand you're going to be dragging into the kitchen and dining room when you do get to the next phase. Let me know if you need me to come around and take a little of the blame! ;)


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