16 September 2012

Traitor Guard Allies (Countdown to Extinction I)

As I'm sure I've said/written here several times already, I'v been wanting to do a Traitor Guard army for quite some time now. There has, however, always been something left to do on my Chaos Space Marines army. Another unit still to paint...

With the release of 6th edition, and in preparation for Invasion next weekend, I started playing around with Imperial Traitor Guard allies for my Word Bearers. I quickly bought a few boxes and buildt a handful of models. After about half a dozen games, I've gotten a Company Command squad and a Veterans squad ready for the tabletop.

I still have another two kits on my painting table, and I need to find a place in the army for the Dark Vengeance cultists... Penal Legionaires perhaps?


  1. I really hate those guys… Cheep, killy and durable - when “taking hard cover”!

    After our conversations I was looking forward to se how they turned out. The “gloomy read eyes / eye sockets” was a nice touch. As expected, the “grey” uniforms was a nice contrast to the sand/yellow armour. I especially like how you have used different heads from various kits!

    Meant as a constructive comment; maybe it is the pictures, but could the boots have benefited from a lighter dry brush?

    Keep on painting, one week left☺

  2. Actually... I didn't drybrush the boots at all. I'll see about correcting that once I have a suitable dark grey paint on hand. The last of my GW paints are drying up or running out, and I've got to order me a brand new collection sooner rather than later.

    I hope to have the Aegis line done in a couple of days...

  3. perfect way of making traitors! I can see now that our armies and games will change a little - to more, much more models :p


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