5 September 2012


Hi everyone! The hobby station is operative again after more than three years. Dark Vengeance is in da house. Some 90 points of extremely easy to kill Chaos Cultists glued together and soon to be ready for some work with the paint brush.

I didn't like them at all when I saw the first leaked pictures. But that has changed. I must say they are full of life (or death, especially their own) and nice details. My plan is to paint them as is. The only conversion is a changed angle on one knife. I plan to solve the fact that eight (and a half) models actually have duplicates with unique painting on each model. I fear though that the paint job will be time consuming...

Next up is buying some black spray paint and find out if some of my old paints have survived winter storage in a garage...

Then there is the fantastic chosen and the Helbrute, the latter maybe victim of some minor conversions. Time will show...


  1. *falls off chair*

    Another case of paintjob/WD-pictures not doing the models justice? Surely not! ;)
    I do agree the models looks far better in the flesh than what we feared.

    Looking forward to seeing how you'll be painting them up. Will you be reusing the colours from your Summoned Daemons/Zombies, or will these be a little less infected?

  2. hehe ;) Actually, I must admit that the paint job on the new models pictured in the last WD and DV box is quite impressive. I plan on painting the Cultists with those pictures in front of me, studying especially the nice contrasts, meaning I will definately not reuse the colors from the Summoned Daemons, which I am not very satisfied with at all.

  3. First of all – “welcome back” Linus, you have been missed!

    In contradiction to everyone else, I thought these models looked cool when I first did se them in WD. And with your painting skills, I am sure they will turn out very nice indeed.

    As far as paint stored outside during winter goes, well, most of us are now turning to (start using) one or more of the Vallejo series (check out “Awesome paint job – Les” modelling paint analysis:


    The hobby store in Skoveien are selling these bottles at kr 29 each. I have used them since I started my Dark Eldar army, and they are great. If you need a “conversion chart” (from the old / ore new GW colours to the Vallejo series), send me an e mail and I will forward it to you.

    Looking forward to an army progress post ☺

    Cheers mate,

  4. Thanks Ørnulv. I hope all is not lost, but knows that I have a little mountain to climb when I start off painting dust off my brushes. You and Jørn really have set an almost highest possible painting standard. I really hope you are nominated in Kristiansand.

    I'm more sceptical when it comes to those Cultist I plan to paint - possibly they are finished before xmas...

    I have checked out the Vallejo range and I am tempted. Really! I wouldnt be surprised if all mye GW bottles are all dried out. Then there isn't much of a choice ;)

    I have found the bottles priced as low as 9,56 Norwegian kroner at this net store: boostep.no/index.php?cPath=950_24_50_1029. Maybe I will order some...

    And then there is basecoating. And airbrushing. Can I have an appointment at your house, Jørn?

  5. 'Course you can! I'll happily share what little airbrush-skills I do have.

    I have - at least - discovered a few things NOT to do... ;)

  6. NOK 10 per bottle, now that is cheap! This range is far better than the GW range, so I advice you to start buying / using them. The fact they 1) are so much cheaper, 2) holds more paint and 3) comes in dropper bottle (prevents drying and makes measuring when mixing easy), makes them better (my opinion anyway).Make shore to store them "lying on the side".

    Looking forward to seeing some progress pictures ☺

  7. Yes I know. Ordered some paints and we'll see how fast that strange Finish shop is. I guess the average price per bottle sums up at around NOK 12-14 including shipping. That is dirt cheap!

  8. Jørn, maybe you've got an hour or two this week?

    1. As it turned out, it was another mauler of a week at work so I didn't have too much energy left once I got home...

      I do have the airbrushing rig set up though, so let's find an evening next week!


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