26 September 2012

Invasion done - So now what!?

Invasion 6 ed tested and done!

In a few, but very constructive hobby nights, Ørnulv and I, really upgraded my Crafworld Eldar.
So now I have about 2000 pts nice and shiny Eldar`s ready for battle, and another 2000?? waiting for the MLU as well.
But what about some new projects? After seeing how my Nightwing preformed above and beyond at Invasion, maybe there is room for one more? But I already have another flyer. Fresh from the Forge,
an Eldar Phoenix. (Pics will be posted) The whole thing came in one big lump of resin. Just some minor details to be glued. Looking forward to completing it.

Another unit that hasn`t really been in my army roster for a while, and not even considered for tournaments in about 10 years, is my Swooping Hawks. But after their latest FAQ, this birdies will hit any vehicle (not flyers and walkers)  automaticly in close combat. Armed with haywire grenades, a unit of 5 can take out a Land raider with ease... As a fellow "general" once said: "Can that thing take out my Land Raider"

Also with the new pricing regime from GW, I think I will start working on already bought units, and complet them, before investing big. That said, when in Nothingham - buy models!

So I hope to keep you all updated on my small and larger projects through the fall, and the Craftworld stands ready to face any threat... I hope.



  1. Looking forward to those updates Trond, and also looking forward to more fluff gaming (bigger games with tournament adjusted lists).

  2. Looking forward to pics! Just don't forget to tell me when you leave for knottinghampton. But even in pounds that new price regime is cruel!


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