23 September 2012

Invasion 2012 - Day two

Just a quick update now, as we're already in the car and on our way home.

Trond and I booth got 11,5 points in round four. Trond managed to hold an Ork horde army at bay, and I didn't quite manage to overrun a CSM army with Daemons allies. Ørnulv lost by one point against a Tyranid army.

In the final round, Trond and I had to face off. He got to hide away three objectives while I hid two behind my Aegis line. I knew I had to push hard, so I did. In the end, Trond managed to clear my spearhead away while I cleared a unit of Pathfinders off the one he hid on the other flank. After five turns I won by two points thanks to the tertiary mission, and we ended the tournament with the same number of points.

Ørnulv met Grey Knights, took all five objectives as well as both secondary and tertiary mission for a massive 20 points finish. It was enough for second place overall.

...and to sugar coat it, he also won Best Painted. Congratulations!!!


  1. very impressive, fantstic result, Ørnulv, superb but not shocked that you won the best painted! you deserved that!

    Where did The Eldar and CSM warlords end?

  2. What we do know, is that both of us ended up with 47,5 points. Exactly where on the final result list that'll land us remains to be seen...

    Hopefully, it won't be too long until it's published.

  3. Then, what the future is all about is tuning and playing your armies with one sole purpose in mind - annihilating that Dark Eldar menace. :p

  4. He he!

    I do hope that Jørn ore Trond can add some pictures (I did not bring my camera…) to this post.

    This was a very good tournament. Easygoing and positive atmosphere. I had a great gaming experience against al of my 5 opponents, and learned a lot playing against army’s I do not meat often.

    Necrons took first place, followed by Dark Eldar and Tyranids. It kind of has a dark feel to it. I guess Jørn and Linus will scrutinize the new Codex, and throw a punch against my girls that will nock them of the table ☺ Trond is already working on a remake of he´s list.

    I await the Tau Codex, and in the mean time I look forward to some friendly gaming and also to work on my Warriors of Chaos army and to play some Fantasy.

  5. Jørn (CSM, Anders (ORKS) and myself ended up with 47,5 tournament points and 8th place. All in all, not too bad. Ørnulv really deserved to win Best painted. Another really cool thing was that all three of us was nominated for best painted!

  6. Congratulations Ørnulv, on both best painted and second place!!!


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