22 September 2012

Invasion 2012 - Day One

After a long day, with three intense games each, I'm just gonna pos a quick update with our points so far. Short battle reports may appear in the comments below, or more throughout ones in articles of their own later on.


I started off against what I suppose is my traditional first round opponent; Kjetil L. For this weekend he's brought an army of what claims to be Codex Space Marines. When the dust settled He won it 13 - 8.
For my second opponent, I drew Jonas L. and his CSM with Necron Allies. After panicing a little about me tabling hin in turn three (That would have taken some luck!), he won it 13 - 7.
For my final battle, I was paired with Tau player Henrik L. (Kjetil's brother). things went a little slow on this one so we only managed four turns before we were out of time. I got pelted badly in the first three turns, but managed to get enough kill points in my last two turns to end at 9 - 9.


Trond startet agains Henrik's Grey Knights. Nice dice and good placements got him 17 -3.
Game two was against Christian. His Tyranids ate the Eldar, and this game ended 3 - 17.

Finally, Trond was paired against Jonas L. Crappy dice helped Trond along to a 6 - 8 loss.


Ørnulv's fist opponent Ståle's Necron army. Despite lousy dice, he managed 13 - 6.

Andreas Ø. was the second opponent. Andreas' Dark Eldar army, with Eldar allies, won the day, and netted him 10 points to Ørnulv's 4.
Third game was against the danish player Henrik T. and his Grey Knights. Ørnulv tabled the pos guy, and won this game 18 - 7.


So... That's 26 points for Trond, a promising 35 for Ørnulv and 24 for me.


  1. The results are really not too bad. Crossing my fingers for you today, hoping for some magic dice rolling and cunning playing out there.
    Meanwhile I'm sitting here looking with wet eyes at the new (expensive!!!) chaos miniatures...

    Good luck, break a leg!

  2. Yep, I was quite a bit worried before my four planes plus the outflanking warlord and his unit started showing up in turn 3. If I remember correctly, I had 5 Plague Marines, a Rhino and two Oblits on the table at the bottom of turn 2. Not exactly a lot, and considering your two Demolishers threatening the Nurgle boys and the Daemon Prince staring down the Oblits, I think I had reason to be worried. Had I failed the reserve rolls, I would have been in deep trouble. Fortunately for me, I didn't :-)

    I took a bit of video from the tournament, which you can see here.


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