19 September 2012

Getting Ready for Invasion 2012

Tuesday..no Wedensday.

One day closer, the paint isn`t dry yet...

A new tournament comming up, and a new set of rules. So time to get down to business of composing a new army! Well after debating with Ørnulv and Jørn, and a lot with myself, it looks like its gonna be a familiar view after all.

But after beeing nominated for best painted once, and with a kinda beaten up army something had to be done.. and fast. So, what are friends for? And Team Stormbolter... Ask for help. And who better to help me again, then Ørnulv. So what`s new. Take a look

 New set of pathfinders - these guys turned out very nice!
 Warpspiders re-done - used to be bone and black
 Prism cannon - re done
 The Army!
I very pleased how the army turned out. So back to basic with two units of warpspiders.
Ørnulv really dug in and with his expert help and amazing production tecniques, the Swordwind looks better than ever.
Notice in the back... army essentials
Now we`ll just have to wait and see if this is competitive


  1. Love your army and the composition of it. And I feel a little rush through my veins here I sit not having the opportunity of taking the trip to the south. But good luck all, next year I will be there ;)

  2. It has been a couple of intense evenings.... but it was worth it ;)

    Really Trond, Your army deserved an “overhaul”, and I thing it turned out great. Never before have those gemstones popped so bright, nor the units being so “tied together”, as now. With the “gaming essentials” also finished (wrecked debris and markers), you are good to go!

    Best of luck mate!

  3. The swordwind really needed that overhaul, and agian, thank you very much. Interesting hobby sessions indeed. Amazing how you also finished Vect jr:)at the same time. Hopefully the current army is competitive, but I fear that I might be out gunned. I do hope that my flyer will do more than use its ability to avoid damage (2+) jink, shrouded and agility save, and be able to support the rest of the army.

  4. So that's what you two've been up to these last few days...
    The army's looking really good there T. You should go to tournaments more often! ;)

  5. Thank`s. So the doctors advice is more tournaments? Sounds good.
    Actually this has given me inspiration, so my Swooping Hawks are being pulled out of retirement and put on the assembley line.


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