2 September 2012

DreamForge-Games plastic Leviathan Crusader

"Something wicked this way comes!"
I stumbled upon Mark Mondragon's resin Leviathans earlier this year and was pretty much blown away, both by the various designs and by the detail quality they appeared to have.

As with most model and miniatures kits I come across, I wondered about how one would go about using the Leviathan models for Warhammer 40K. I spent a considerable amount of time looking for comparison pics and found a few - although none that included a WarHound Titan.

The plastic Leviathan Crusader will standt at 8.5" (215mm) to the top of its shoulders. With Forge World's Warhound reaching about 10" (250mm), the Leviathan isn't too far off. The Warhound deems a fair bit wider though, so I'm thinking about doing something a little different with the two I've pledged for in the KickStarter campaign that DreamForge Games has going at the moment.

And that brings me to the actual point of this article. I want more people (I.e. you!!) to pledge too. The Kickstarter project reached it's minimum funding goal of $30K in a matter of days, and passed $75K yesterday. That means that a lot of additional weapon options has already been opened up, and can be reviewed on the project's Kickstarter-page. Still more optionbs are in the pipeline, though, and there's one in particular that I'm hoping for.

At $100K there'll be a free left-handed Vulkan Cannon added to each Leviathan kit. How's that for a counts-as Vulcan Mega-Bolter?!?

...and if the Leviathans don't tickle your fancy, perhaps the Eisenkern Stormtroopers will. The stretch goals for the basic infantry squad, accessory pack and support weapon teams have already been reached. All you have to do is decide how many you want.

So go on! Click the link to the Kickstarter campaign below and have a good look around. The project funds on the 16th, so don't wait too long before jumping onboard! ;)

All images in this article are 'borrowed' from Mark Mondragon's Kickstarter campain page "DreamForge-Games model kit Something wicked this way comes!". They are all his property, and no IP challenge is intended.


  1. And then I noticed on FB that 100k was reached - The Vulcan dream came true :)

  2. Indeed! The only question now is which stage two options to go for...

  3. The Kickstarter campaign ended a few hours ago...
    ...at a staggering $ 200.000 pledged. Ó_ò

    The wargaming community sure does know when they see someting they like!


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