16 September 2012

Dark Eldar – Transport table – ØRNULVS SEPTEMBER 2012 PROJECT #5

I find myself frequently having “problems” with finding space to “set up / unpack” my army on. This in combination with the need to transport the army between gaming tables, made me decide to make a portable “mini table”.

Pretty straight process really, cut the table to the required size, sealing its surface with spray paint (to prevent glue to soak the board trying to avoid warping), gluing down sand, and painting/washing it. Finally I sprayed a layer of Purity Seal.

Being quite heavy, this board should provide a stable platform when moving the army around, and should be big enough to hold approximately 2000p worth of models. The surface should also prevent models from “sliding” too much.

I hope it’s going to work as intended….


  1. Looking good!
    ..and it gives you something hard to hit That Guy over the head with at Invasjon too. ;)

  2. im have some doubts that the models will be stand upright when you move the bord :) my miniatures usually topple over every time :)
    but it looks very nice so far

    Greetings, Wolfsherz

  3. Hi there!

    As far as “wobbly model syndrome” goes, I have used rocks (real) on al my bases, so unless I “skitter around” to much I do hope they won’t fall over.

    Thx for the positive feedback ☺


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