16 August 2012

Word Bearers Bike Squadron (Architecture of Aggression XXX)

It's been quite a while since the last time I added a unit to my CSM army...

It took the release of WH40K 6th edition and the rumoured Codex in the near(-ish) future to spur me into action once again. After all: If I already have everything painted up when the new models become available, there's no reason why I can't go out anf buy some. Right?!? ;)

Anyway... On with the show. I started building the Bike Squadron not long after finishing my unit of Heavy Bolter Havocs, but abandoned the project for a number of reasons. (I won't bore you with those. Don't Worry!)

Presented below is a unit of five, including an Aspiring Champion with Power Sword, two Bikers with a Meltagun, an Icon Bearer with an Icon of Slaanesh and a regular biker.


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  1. Looks great Jørn! Good to see you that your working om your army again:)


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